dedolight LED Serie 2
The next generation of Head Lights
dedolight Turbo Series
The Wisper Light
dedolight Lightstream
Aspects of reflected light in its purity
dedolight LED Serie 30
dedolight LED Serie 30
Studio fixture, also useful for mobile drama - The most powerful of our focusing LED lights
dedolight LED Serie 4
The old classic DLH4 as LED Light - A real dedolight precision tool
dedolight LED Serie 2
The next generation of Head Lights
dedolight Turbo Series
The Wisper Light
dedolight Lightstream
Aspects of reflected light in its purity
dedolight LED Serie 30
Studio fixture, also useful for mobile drama - The most powerful of our focusing LED lights
dedolight LED Serie 4
The old classic DLH4 as LED Light - A real dedolight precision tool

dedolight–a story of dedication and success

the origin

The first Dedolight was built in 1984 with the original concept evolving out of my experiences as a Director of Photography since 1963. For many years, we built only one version and size, and still, it became the single best selling lighting instrument for professional motion picture, television, still photography, and architectural uses worldwide.

By 1990, Dedolight and its revolutionary optical principle of the dual lens concept had so successfully established itself as a well known standard in the international film community that it earned the Technical Achievement Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

By the year 2000, larger sizes of lights in both daylight and tungsten were introduced - the Series 400. These lights, while incorporating both a patented triple zoom focus and our new patented Double Aspheric technology allows for further enhanced light output, tighter focusing range, and more even light and color distribution.


Five of the highest awards in the industry











It didn’t take long for the revolutionary Series 400 to gain recognition among the professional community. In 2002, the dedolight design team was presented with the Cinec Award, and in 2003 awarded with both a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Oscar Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an esteemed Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

2003 also hosted the introduction of a new generation of the classic dedolight when we developed a way to incorporate both the qualities of the new generation “Double Aspherics2” system with the added focusing motion into the classic dedolight.

Through the years, we have continued to stay on top of market trends and needs, and while we continue to reinvent our dedolights, we are constantly creating new lighting equipment for the ever - evolving professional. Since we understand that many lighting situations demand both direct light as well as gentle, wraparound soft light, we also build dedicated soft light sources that offer a distinctly defined clean character beam without compromise. 

From the beginning, we have never stopped trying to improve our dedolights and we have relentlessly pursued innovative optical principles and concepts designed to further improve our professional lighting instruments, and it does not end here, it continues to be a day - to - day ingredient of our continued dedication and enthusiasm.


Many lighting situations demand both direct light as well as gentle wrap around soft light. As manufacturers of various types of lighting equipment, we also build dual purpose light sources which may be converted from direct light to a soft light source. 

To eliminate having to compromise the quality of light, often common with dual purpose lighting instruments, Dedotec raised the bar and began to design and manufacture totally dedicated lighting instruments:

  • Precise focusing instruments with a distinctly defined beam character yet very smooth and even light distribution within the beam
  • Dedicated single purpose soft light sources, that are best suited for the task without compromise
  • Now offering the image creator both faces of light
Two Faces


LED Lighting

Complete Range in 5 different sizes and systems for on-board, off-board, mobile, studio & special effects and special applications.

  • Patented aspherics2 dedolight Optics
  • Unprecedented Focusing
  • Astounding Light Efficiency
  • Perfectly Even Light Distribution
  • Perfect *dedocolor (Tungsten, Daylight, Bicolor)
  • Complete Range of Light Shaping Control Tools
  • Expanded bicolor range:
  • A great gift for mobile work, tuning from 2700K all the way to above 6500K. Thus adapting to most ambient light situations without any filters. Easy fine-tuning for slightly warmer fill light or somewhat colder back light – separating the background illumination by subtle color choices.
  • Dimming:
  • Proprietary dimming algorithms for smooth dimming, even at the low end
  • 16-bit dimming for special studio demands as option
  • AC and DC ballasts
  • Studio versions also available as pole-operated and with DMX control
  • Unique light-/shadow-shaping accessories – most of these are especially designed to cooperate with our highly developed optical system

A completely new, parallel product range with active cooling: DLED TURBO SERIES.

dedolight neo series • from 20 W to 90 W with just one control unit

dedolight neo series • our next generation of light controlling

Our new DTneo!
dedolight|neo Intelligent LED Control Unit will drive all dedolight LED Systems from 20 to 90 Watt: Monocolor, Bi-Color, Infrared & Ultraviolet.

Ledzilla Series • DLOBML

For Example LEDZILLA2

dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolor variations. For use as on-board or off-board light, multi-functional and versatile as tiny interview and documentary lighting, for accents and special effects.


  • Amazing output in combination with dedolight double aspheric optics.
  • Focuses like a dedolight. LED lights are usually not focusable.
  • No other focusing LED light compares - 4° to 56°.
  • Smooth light distribution in all and every focusing position.
  • Now with flip-up, wide-angle effect glass for wide, horizontal spread with gentle flowing edges. Ideal for on-board work when several people are close to the camera.
  • Converts from daylight to tungsten

LED Series 2 • DLED2

LED Series 2 - small light head - 20 W - e.g. DLED2YHSM-BI

Small Light Head - 20 W - e.g. DLED2YHSM-BI

DLED2 LED small, powerful, versatile

dedolight Patented Aspheric Optics in combination with specially developed LED light sources in daylight and bicolor variations. 

For use as on-board or off-board light, multi-functional and versatile as tiny interview and documentary lighting, for accents and special effects. 

Especially useful and versatile in combination with FELLONI bicolor multi - LED panels.


LED Series 4 • DLED4

LED Series 4 - dedolight classic size - 40 W - e.g. DLED4SE-D

dedolight Classic Size - 40 W - e.g. DLED4SE-D

Perfect color in daylight and tungsten versions
High output – best efficiency – low power demands allow mobile teams to operate for hours, totally independent from AC power supplies. Belt clip holds battery (V-lock or AB), as well as the battery ballast and comes with a stand mounting loop.

  • Studio versions also available as pole-operated and with DMX control
  • Unique light-/shadow-shaping accessories – most of these are especially designed to cooperate with our highly developed optical system 

Tools to modify the light and color character. Such tools are available for all sizes of our lights.

LED Series 3 and 7 • DLED3 and DLED7 • The Turbo Light

LED Series 3 and 7 - the Turbo Light


Basic size is identical to the now very well accepted DLED4 (or DLED2). Small, compact, elegant focusing, robust with double helical focusing mechanism. 
Now including a very quiet active cooling system enabling the use of much higher wattage LED light sources. 

Provides drastically enhanced light output. 

  • Available in monocolor versions as daylight or tungsten.
  • Also available as bicolor, tunable 2700K to over 6500K.
  • Available with DMX as pole-operated versions (DLED7, optional).
One of the most desirable, fully portable, very capable lighting packages for the small team with all the known dedolight advantages plus optional battery operation. For interview lighting, such small lights, when used as key or fill light, may possibly be regarded as relatively aggressive because of the drastically enhanced output. 
The use of the optional soft box turns it into a beautiful, gentle light source with a much larger area for pleasing lighting and still sufficient output to cover most everyday situations.

LED Series 10 • DLED10

LED Series 10 - e.g. DLED10-D

For Example DLED10-D


DLED10 - our new powerful flagship light, daylight or bicolor, mobile or studio.
For studio use, a pole-operated version is available and/or DMX controlled. For mobile use, this light comes with separate

These lights are extremely powerful. Compact and versatile. Daylight and Tungsten version. Both versions permit the use of optical accessories.

LED Series 30 • DLED30

LED Series 30, high output - e.g. DLED30-D

High Output - e.g. DLED30-D

DLED30-D-DMX, our most powerful of our focusing LED studio lights

Studio fixture, also useful for mobile drama

  • 320 W daylight light source
  • TLCI 96
  • Dimming control: manual and DMX
  • Double, non-spherical optics
  • Active cooling system
  • Huge focus range, wider and narrower than others
  • Equipped with DMX control as standard
  • Options: pole operated or motorized
  • Can be used with all of our optical attachments from the non-spherical wide-angle attachment all the way to the • parallel beam attachment, which doubles the light output and is eminently suitable for reflected light (also multiple reflections within the new Lightstream system).

Projection • Imager

DP400 / DP1200 Imager

The Imager Series DP400 and DP1200
A modular optical system of unprecedented quality and versatility.

Whenever light and shadow patterns, or gobo projections with razor sharp edges are needed, the Imager allows for perfect contrast, high resolution and high light efficiency.

  • High precision image projection
  • Precise light and shadow shapes
  • Extremely sharp – high resolution
  • No color fringing, no halation
  • Perfect contrast rendition



Highest Output, Reach and Efficiency, Even for the Biggest Studios

  • New optical elements provide highest light efficiency and reach with perfect color rendition and a pleasing ‚human‘ light character.
  • Even over a distance of 6 meters (20 ft) more than 700 lux at 220 W power consumption - most probably an unequalled light efficiency.
  • Passive cooling: no fan – no noise
  • Manual and DMX control included
  • Amazing price/performance ratio

The Soft Face of Light • New Definitions • LEDRAPTOR


We are well-known for our precision lighting instruments – optical systems with unprecedented precision.

Clean beam, no stray light. Within the beam totally homogeneous without hotspots.

Optical ‚imaging’ with razor-sharp light/shadow edges.

Projection optics which can live up to any of the most expensive camera lenses. Perfect performance, super high transmission, perfect resolution. None of the seven sins of imaging, but at an exceptional price.

Precision light AND precision shadows.

Similarly, for the creative composition of images we also need the gentle, subtle light/shadow transitions, often called soft lights.

Also in this respect we pursued perfection.

Large light-emitting surfaces with a character lovingly embracing the objects of desire – a wrap-around light.

Totally without hotspot.


dedolight Lightstream

The Lightstream Tools

dedolight Lightstream & Eflect
The new tools, parallel beam light fixtures and highly developed optical systems

The ‚dedolight Lightstream’ should not be regarded as a general lighting tutorial. Here we will mainly concentrate on various aspects of reflected light. 

We are well aware that light and lighting is a vast subject with an incredible variety of aspects about the character of light. There is unnoticeable natural light, there is unnoticeably created light. There is unnoticeable light with subtle accents, guiding the attention. Such lighting can serve as an element of image composition. Then we have the many characters of noticeable lighting, as gentle as the autumn light in Paris, which makes women all look like they have been painted by Renoir. All the way from this wonderful, gentle, amiable light character that makes people glow, to the dramatic light characters as you find them in Caravaggio and El Greco. Yes, we all know that lighting and the art of lighting should not be regarded as a value on its own. 

The most important is the story that we need to tell and what style we choose. And from this vast field of many subjects, here we are mainly talking about aspects of reflected light in its purity, and mixed with other lighting instruments and characters. Here we want to talk about the tools, the physics and practices; and hopefully we will be able to give some valuable explanations and hints.

Lightstream Lite

dedolight Lightstream Lite • a reflector system for the solo creator.

Small and lightweight package, easy to use. Each reflector has 20 x 20 cm (approximately 8 x 8 inch), with plastic corner protection and cold shoe mount on rear.


The Classic Series • Low Voltage 100 W / 150 W • Halogen • DLH4

Our legendary dedolight Classic Light Head DLH4

Don't let looks deceive you! While maintaining the integrity of the Classic Series, we have simply made the best even better by adding our patented Double Aspherics2 technology. Originally developed for the award winning dedolight Series 400, this breakthrough optical technology with two relation computed aspherical lenses and a zoom focus mechanism allows for smooth and even light distribution in all focus positions, increased focusing range and still uses 12 V and 24 V low voltage lamps.  

The result of this new technology is to take the unique quality of the dedolight one step further. Compared to its predecessor (when used with the new 150 W dimming power supply) the output in flood is doubled, and in spot, three times brighter.  

Following our new philosophy of "the two faces of light", you will also find new dedicated soft lights in this range. Designed for one purpose only, these soft lights provide optimum and compromise free performance. 

Technical Advantages

  • Higher light output
  • Smoother field of light
  • Cleaner spot
  • Improved full flood
  • Better barn door control
  • Improved character of light
  • Incredibly small

Technical Specifications

  • Two relation computed aspheric lenses
  • Larger reflector
  • Added relative motion of second lens (zoom focus)
  • Shield/baffle integrated in new movement to provide cleaner beam


Series 400 / 650 • 400 W to 650 W • Discharge or Halogen

When the larger Series 400 lights were designed, we borrowed the dual lens concept from the small classic dedolight. This alone did not prove good enough for the high standards set for this series. We wanted the focusing range that had set apart the classic dedolight system from other lights. We also wanted a distinct clean beam with no stray light for lighting with utmost precision. Within the beam, we also wanted to eliminate hot spots that are typical of other lights. At the same time, it was important to eliminate the color distribution problems that usually plague daylight sources. 

It took four years of intensive optical research to solve these problems. The seemingly endless series of computer simulations and prototypes resulted not only in several new patents protecting this new level of technology, but also provides the discerning professional with three outstanding precision tools. 

The new triple zoom focus and relation computed double Aspherics2 system is common to the: 

  • dedolight DLH400DT / DLH402DT, 400 / 575 W daylight/tungsten version 
  • dedolight DLH650T / DLH652T, 650 W halogens light more info

In the professional community, these innovations found enthusiastic response and received both a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Oscar committee and the Emmy statuette from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 


Discharge or Halogen Soft Light • 400 W to 4 x 1000 W

A dedicated 400 W soft light. Works with an amazing variety of soft boxes: dedoflex, Photoflex and Chimera. Two times the light output when compared to any soft box mounted to a Fresnel fixture. Perfectly even light distribution. Works with the proven dedolight DEB402D (DEB400D) ballast (same ballast as for DLH402D (DLH400D) focusing daylight fixture). 

Both dedolight Panaura® soft boxes feature huge diffuser areas producing a beautiful, wrap around, soft light. 

These Panaura® soft boxes are extremely flat, making them ideal for work in confined spaces. The light output has to be seen to be believed and the light quality is absolutely stunning! 

Several kits are available which utilize the Panaura®. 



The Portable Studio Concept

Make work light - Make light work - Unbeatable - over 10,000 users

  • Lighter
  • Most compact
  • More versatile
  • Indestructible
  • The most economical lighting system available

The Portable Studio gives you all the power of Dedolight’s award winning lights in a package compact enough for even a one person camera crew. Comparable lighting kits from other manufacturers can weigh three times as much, are more than three times the size and don’t offer the same potential. 


Dedolights have proven to be extraordinarily rugged and dependable under the toughest circumstances. 

The highly developed double aspheric system is not only compact, but able to stand up to the toughest tasks (Dedo’s experience in more than 40 countries pays off). 

Transport: Do not hesitate to check in your kit at the airport. Although some baggage handlers are masters of destruction, you will arrive at your destination with functioning gear and no broken lamps. 

AND, the painful charges for excess baggage will result in much lower rates than you are accustomed to.


Special Applications

Infrared Applications with


DLOBML-IR860 (iRedzilla)


  • Infrared Illumination for cameras (night shot)
  • Infrared photography
  • Surveillance systems
  • Machine vision systems
  • Wildlife observation
  • Criminology





Ultraviolet Applications with 

DLOBML-UV365 (Floureszilla)



Fields of application:

  • Black light effect / UV-active body paint
  • UV-active deco material
  • Magic ink / Edding UV-marker
  • Fluorescent wall paint (paintings)
  • Bank note – document testing
  • Mineralogy
  • Criminology





The Ceiling Light Fixture

The ceiling light has been conceived for lighting of office rooms, for video conferences, for webcasts and teleconferencing.


dedolight Price List


dedolight brochures and flyers

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