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dedolight Asymmetric Background Lighting System Brochure

Asymmetric Background Lighting System Flyer
by dedolight Lightstream

Illumination of flat backgrounds and/or Chromakey backgrounds cannot be described as creative subject. It is purely technical. But, when technical aspects are well managed, creative aspects also find their place!

It is about evenness. Evenly lit background when intensity on top, middle and lower part, should show minimum deviation of lux values, it can easily be keyed out without pushing software for cleaning up mistakes and imperfections created on the set. The capacity of modern software adjustments is getting higher and higher … When the software is pushed for background cleaning, foreground gets damaged and does not look natural anymore. When software capability is used just for edges and hair perfection, acting in a narrow spectral (related to intensity) range preservation of foreground actor’s natural skin tones will be achieved and then final results do not differ from live image acquired on real indoor, outdoor or CG set. Same status is applicable to shadows from foreground objects visible on the background.

Clean delivery of technical lighting allows much more freedom and flexibility for foreground lighting in relation with background (live or CG image embedded after keying). Here, all elements of the Lightstream system become a real game changer. When the foreground and the background melts together without being noticed by the audience, the job can be considered professionally delivered.

All of it is really easy! Now!


Asymmetric Background Lighting System Flyer by dedolight Lightstream

English HighRes, about 13 MB.

Asymmetric Background Lighting System Flyer by dedolight Lightstream

English LowRes, about 1,7 MB.

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