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High quality flexible and studio LED panel products for Filmmakers and Photographers

Aladdin makes a wide variety of versatile and innovative fixtures. From the portable Eye-Lite and A-Lite, to the flexible BIFLEX family, or the compact BIFOLD family, Aladdin always delivers the most innovative and exciting technologies for bright, portable, high quality solutions. There are a variety of spec sheets available for download from our download link above. 

With so many choices, we invite you to explore the many options and accessories available directly from Aladdin’s web portal. Please click the link below to open an additional window to further explore Aladdin’s offerings.

Aladdin’s Lamp.

By Jonathan Harrison D.o.P

Having played with these small and compact Aladdin lights, daylight and tungsten, I am amazed at how addictive they are and at how often you can use them in any type of photography, stills or moving. They fit in your pocket (approximately 10cm x 4cm) and I nearly always have at least on with me most of the time. You never know where you will need it, but it is always there…. And it has its own in-built battery that last for a couple of hours, charged from a mini-USB adapter from you computer or a mains adapter.

The colour quality is exceedinglay high for such a simple and not too expensive compact lighting tool. Colour rendering is everything when you are shooting as most cheap LED sources have nasty green cast (sometimes badly magenta) and render terrible skin tones, as does the Apple iPhone flash for example!

I regularly attach my Daylight and tungsten Aladdin to my iPhone  to compensate for its bad colour flash and shoot stills with it, as I can control the output of the light to match the surrounding light level and the colour  is great. You need to try all the clever clamps and attachments for these lamps. They are a great advantage in picture making and allow you to get the lamp into difficult place such as Car dash boards for night shoots for instance. Normally a hard thing to do well, but very simple with Aladdin and a little Velcro.

I also use the Aladdin’s for important things in image making such as back-lights and kickers giving subtle but crucial touches in my photography. 

Some times it is not the big key lights in a picture that make it, it is the subtle clever splashes and powder brushed kisses of light on the side of a face or an objects if you are shooting table top products, that bring a picture to life and I find the Aladdin lights, Tungsten, Daylight and NOW a Bi-colour, are just the perfect tool for this.

If you have never seen these lamps you need to and once you have you will be hooked.  Aladdin, a Genie-us lamp in your pocket!



Aladdin goes Color with All-In 1 or All-In 2

Get the most value out of your production with our new RGBWW lights.

The first Aladdin RGBWW-flex panels are available as 30 x 30 cm (ALL IN 1) or 60 x 30 cm (ALL IN 2) panels and give your footage the ultimate cinematographic flair; create a multitude of color shades to tune your images.

With the RGBWW-flex panels in your bag you are prepared for almost every situation you will ever face shooting creative, fast and unleashed. If you prefer to stick with a solid documentary bi-color panel the new series comes as 1x1 and 2x1 BI-Color WW panel as well. 

Powered via DC-battery or AC-Power adapter.
Power consumption 50 W (All-IN 1 BI), 70 W (ALL IN 1 Color), 100 W (All-IN 2 BI) 140 W (All-IN 2 Color) at full intensity.


ALL-IN One Bicolor Kit

ALL-IN Two Bicolor Kit


Flexible Light


the all new FABRIC-LITE. This innovative new variable bi-color fabric system, as the name implies, is completely flexible, foldable and offers great flexibility for transport.

Mounting options for the FABRIC-LITE are virtually limitless, including all types of butterfly, overhead, wall and ceiling mounts, thanks to the integrated Velcro and grommets. Each 3x3-foot fabric panel can be used separately, or combined with others to create panels as large as 12x12 feet. There are two power options for the FABRIC-LITE (200-watts and 350-watts), and three different dimmer options.



The BI-FLEX1 is the first flexible Bi-Color LED panel for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 97. The BI-FLEX1 is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications like: portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography.

The BI-FLEX1 runs from main power supply or battery. The BI-FLEX1 comes with a dimmer and a mount for 16mm studs, to mount it onto your stands or clamps and it has on each corner a velcro enabling you to put it where ever you like, for instance to upgrade your old halogen softbox to LED. The BI-FLEX1 is a flexible panel light 30x30cm and less than 5mm thick.


Aladdin has developed a patented break-through technology called AMS LED Lite, which allows for unprecedented clean full spectrum colour, with a CRI rating of 95 and the more important TLCI reading of 97 this gives any cinematographer full confidence in its colour rendition, it produces beautiful skin tones. 

When you turn on an Aladdin light for the first time, the first thing you notice is how much light it can throw. It doesn't seem to make sense with how lightweight and low profile they are and no matter how long you have them on, they don't get hot, making them highly efficient with respect to energy usage. The next thing you notice is how smooth and flicker-free the dimming control works. All the way down to 10% output. Dialling in just the right light has never been easier, for HD video, film and stills work.

Aladdin's Bi-Flex is a marvel of innovation and reflective of how forward-thinking this company really is. Where else can you find a bi-colour, high-output, ultra-flexible, portable light with near perfect colour that you can place just about anywhere and have it be waterproof as well?

The most valuable benefit of working with the Bi-Flex is that it removes so many limitations that film makers, videographers and photographers have had to deal with in the past. The fact that you can set these units up quickly, place them just about anywhere, adjust light intensity in seconds allows you to focus more on the creative end of your shoots and less on the technical.

The most valuable benefit of working with the Bi-Flex is that it removes so many limitations that film makers, videographers and photographers have had to deal with in the past. The fact that you can set these units up quickly, place them just about anywhere, adjust light intensity in seconds allows you to focus more on the creative end of your shoots and less on the technical.




About the A-LITE

The Aladdin A-LITE is a high-end variable bi-color on-board LED light with an integrated and easy changeable battery. The light quality of the Aladdin A-LITE is outstanding with CRI and TLCI ratings of over 95 for both tungsten and daylight. The integrated lithium-ion battery has a runtime of 1hour and 20 minutes at full power and can be charged quickly via the included Micro USB-to-USB cable. This USB cable allows you to power and/or charge the A-LITE from any USB charger, laptop, camera or battery with a USB port.

The A-LITE is the slimmest and lightest on-board light on the market and the housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The light comes with a standard 1⁄4-20” thread to mount to any on-board adapter.

A removable hinged, plastic diffuser is included with the light to soften the light even further. The A-LITE produces a color temperature range from tungsten (3000˚K) to daylight (6000˚K) and every point in between, and is completely dimmable from 5–100%.



About the EYE-LITE

There are three different versions of EYE-LITE available: Daylight, Tungsten or bi-color. The EYE-LITE (bi-color) is the newest to the family and has two integrated dimmers: one that adjusts color temperature between Tungsten (3000˚K) and Daylight (6000˚K) and one that controls light output – from 5–100%. The unit has an integrated lithium-ion battery that provides a run-time of over two hours. The housing is made from aircraft aluminum and the quality of the light color is superior to nearly all other daylight LED lights on the market:

  • CRI: 97ra (Tungsten) / 95ra (Daylight)
  • TLCI: 95



About BASE-LITE 100

BASE-LITE is a soft light with a hard shell and offers many functions and possibilities.

It is designed for portable and studio applications. 

The big face of the light provides a soft lighting with nice reflexions thanks to the diffusor. For a brighter and more powerful light the diffusor can be taken off. The fixture offers high control of lighting, it is dimmable from 1 - 100% in fine steps and on the other side the color temperature can be controlled from 2900k to 6500k. 

For light shaping many accessories like honeycomb and barn doors are available.

The BASE-LITE comes in two sizes 100W and 200W.


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Aladdin Price List 01/2019

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Aladdin Catalog 2019

Aladdin Catalog 2019

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