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DCL60-D • Ceiling Light Fixture


The ceiling light has been conceived for lighting of office rooms, for video conferences, for webcasts and teleconferencing. The size of the ceiling light is 60x60cm, which fits many of the panel ceilings and can be sunk into the ceiling, but can also be mounted without any great distance to the ceiling, without any disturbing effect on the room. The center of the ceiling light shows a round light surface which can be rotated and oriented.

Price: 1.218,00 € 

The LEDs are positioned in rows. The exit angle is approx. 45. The novelty here is that the light distribution is asymmetric, thus, objects or persons who are further away from the light source will be lit with identical intensity. Since the exit angle is 45, we avoid the lighting of people directly "from above" and the effect of "dead eyes", as seen in Marlon Brando in Godfather, can be avoided. The reflex in the eyes and the lighting of the eyes are important for a natural appearance. The color quality and the light quality satisfy the highest demands for CRI and TLCI values (above 90). The intensity can be adjusted via DMX.

Two lights can be placed opposite each other to achieve an even lighting.


In a larger room, 4 lights can be positioned and oriented diagonally. Thus, 2 rows of persons sitting opposite each other on a long conference table, can be lit equally; and the DMX control allows some artistic variations and different moods of lighting.



See a practical example here

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