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Tecpro Felloni 3 and Felloni Turbo
Felloni Turbo Logo

Felloni lights are world renowned. Used daily by mobile teams for interview lighting.

Also for complete studio lighting (exclusively lit by Felloni lights).


All Felloni lights of the new generation have in common:

  •  highest color quality
  •  new mounting of accessories
  •  new accessories

3 Versions:

TP-LONI3-BI                     € 465,-Bicolor

TP-LONI3-DHO                € 765,-Daylight high output

TP-LONI3-BIHO              € 765,-Bicolor high output

TP-LONI3-BI (Bicolor) CCT 1 m 2 m 3 m

3200K 1021 Lux 272 Lux 118 Lux

5600K 1121 Lux 306 Lux 131 Lux
TP-LONI3-BIHO (Bicolor) CCT 1 m 2 m 3 m

3200K 1690 Lux 460 Lux 205 Lux

5600K 2124 Lux 578 Lux 261 Lux
TP-LONI3-DHO (Daylight) CCT 1 m 2 m 3 m

5600K 4234 Lux 1146 Lux 481 Lux


3200K 97 96 96,3 -0,0031

5600K 95 94 95,9 -0,0001

3200K 97 94 96 0,0016

5600K 97 95 96,6 0,0004

5600K 96 94 96 0,0011

Light exit angle 45 °
TLCI color value approx. 96


Felloni Turbo Logo

Felloni Turbo – only one version in bicolor technology.

Extremely high light output (about 5x more than original Felloni). Perfectly used to be used as fill light, outdoors against full sunlight.

Every individual LED has its own optical system.


All Fellonis of the latest generation show optimum color quality, the best achievable in today’s LED technology. Best possible spectral distribution. Here, it is important that in our spectral distribution the deep valley next to the blue peak was eliminated, and therefore we avoid the photobiological hazard according to the Euro norm EN62471.


The photo-biological hazard of discharge lamps (HMI) presented danger for the lenses in the human eye.

The potential photo-biological hazard by LEDs can be much worse, since it attacks the retina.

These facts are not known by everybody, although of high importance for health and safety when using such lights.

Felloni Turbo Bicolor CCT 1 m 2 m 3 m

3200K 10074 Lux 2518 Lux 1119 Lux

5600K 10694 Lux 2673 Lux 1188 Lux

Light exit angle 45 °
TLCI color value approx. 96


The very elaborate measurement methods and equipment available today show high precision values. The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) system represents a very valid step forward in the evaluation of color quality of LED lights. This system is based on the evaluation related to studio cameras, working with 3 CCD sensors and a prism. The overwhelming majority of mobile cameras, even the best ones, work with CMOS sensors. Such cameras and such sensors have the ugly habit that they react to LED light very differently. Thus, cameras of the same manufacturer can show noticeable differences when used with LED light. Difficult to correct.

The examples shown here are representative for the practical tests, which we have been conducting for many years. Since, for example a Canon 5D MarkII camera was showing completely different color values, as opposed to the Canon
5D MarkIII, for a long time this appeared to be an unsurmountable difficulty.

In order to make tests more related to daily work, we have made tests with different skin tone values, lighting one side of the face with LED light, and the other side with a reference light, trying to establish or evaluate matching skin tone rendition.

For this we use different skin tones, from Scandinavian to Mexican, to Ethiopian, and Angolan skin tone (being the darkest skin tone).

Only after many years of such tests and endless attempts to find improvement, we can now say that we have achieved a nearly perfect match between skin tone rendition of LED light and reference light.

As reference light we have used halogen lights with 3000K, 3200K, as well as 3400K, because such halogen lamps (special test lamps) show a totally homogenous and reliable color spectrum.

To find a daylight reference light is much more difficult.

We did not want to use HMI light sources, also other light sources, even the scientific ones don’t show a homogenous spectrum. Thus, we decided to use traditional Kino Flo daylight tubes, which do not have a perfect spectrum, but are widely used worldwide.

The final results made us very proud and eliminated a lot of nightmares which we had for many years, when originally the perception of different cameras showed very different results.



Felloni 3 Felloni Turbo
Cooling system passiv aktiv switched off / Light output 50% lower when active cooling is switched off.
Exit angle 45° 45°
Weight 2,0 kg with power supply 2,3 kg 2,3 kg with power supply 2,8 kg
Stand mounting 28 mm Pin (Junior), 16 mm (Baby) 28 mm Pin (Junior), 16 mm (Baby)
Power input 10 - 16,8 VDC 13-24 V/DC
Power consumption 24W/50 W (HO Version) 124 W
IP Class IP20 IP20
Expected lifetime (LM70) 50.000 hours (LM70) 50.000 hours

TP-LONI-DIM                       € 40,-


TP-LONI-DIM-BI                  € 40,-


TP-LONI-DIM-DMX             € 80,-



TP-LONI-DIM-WR32           € 35,-

Wireless with antenna

TP-LONI-DIM-WT              € 125,-

Hand control unit

TP-LONI-CDIM                      € 8,-

Extension cable



AC power options:

TP-PSVM                                    spare part price € 40,-

AC power supply for Felloni3

TP-TURBO-PSV                         spare part price € 95,-

Power supply for Felloni Turbo


Battery power for Felloni Turbo:

TPS-2V                              € 274,-

Here we use two batteries V-lock 95Wh with integrated chargers, and a combining unit which accepts two batteries.

DYN-DS-95SI                    € 257,-

V-Lock battery Tecpro Dynacore.
We recommend this battery, because it comes with a built-in charger and is compact, and it includes a capacity indicator.

CLAMP-D                            € 38,-

High percision clamp with 1/4“ internal thread and hexagonal receptacle. Fits diameters from 25 mm (0,98”) to 52 mm (2”).