Prolycht price list - valid as of 11/2021

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Code Product Description List EUR
Light Head Kit
PL20001 Orion 300 FS Kit: Orion 300 FS Light Head, Dual V-Mount Ballast, Standard Reflector, Diffuser, Mains Cable, Lamp Cable 5m, Safety Cable, Quick-Release Clamp to fix Ballast on Stand, Transport Soft Case 1.995,00
Light Head
PL20009 Orion 300 FS Light Head 1.400,00
PL20002 Orion 300 FS Lantern Soft Box 180,00
PL20003 Orion 300 FS Dome Soft Box 300,00
PL20004 Orion 300 FS Fresnel 2X Kit 320,00
PL20005 Orion 300 FS Projection Lens Kit 350,00
PL20006 Orion Standard Reflector 90,00
PL20007 Orion 300 FS Fresnel 2 x Lens with Barn Doors 250,00
PL20008 Orion 300 FS Fresnel Barn Doors 90,00
PL20010 Orion 300 FS Projection Gobo Set 90,00
PL20011 Orion 300 FS Ballast 1.400,00
PL20012 Orion 300 FS Soft Case 200,00
PL20013 Orion 300 FS Fresnel Soft Case 80,00
PL20014 Orion 300 FS Projection Lens Soft Case 80,00
PL20015 Orion 300 FS Standard Light Head Cable (5m) 60,00
PL20016 Orion 300 FS 10m Light Head Cable 150,00
PL20017 Orion 300 FS Mains Cable 50,00
PL20018 Orion 300 FS Safety Cable 20,00

All prices on this website reflect German list prices in Euro, excluding value added tax. All these prices are “ex warehouse Munich”. Valid for sales in Germany, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia , Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine only. All specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notification.

If you have any questions about Prolycht, please contact Daniel Jurkic.

D. Jurkic

Daniel Jurkic


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