DWF SuperSale 2022

We are happy in our location since 1992, but our growing warehouse will have to be moved to new premises. For preparation we need to re-organize and clean out.

Even some of our most wanted and successful tools, because new generations will soon be in production. Some absolutely perfect equipment, which has been sitting on our shelves.

Complete production kits ex demo and exhibitions, tested and ready to rumble, with full warranty for the smallest budget.

Some unbelievable useful morsels in our Flea Market offering.


Watch our detailed video about the SuperSale here!



In our SuperSale brochure you will find many attractive items.

Please note: Products that are crossed out with a red cross are already sold.

You can see a short summarized overview here.


This table of contents is also included in the PDF's.

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GROUP 1 – The Best of dedolight

Brand-new, full warranty

dedolight DLH400

The unbelievable perfection, awarded by the Oscar Committee, including amazing options, also leading to the world of dedolight



The tiny 200 Watt dedolight HMI light. The smaller brother of the 400 Watt light, with similar qualities and versatility.


The classic dedolight. Amazingly enough still our bestseller. Low-voltage halogen, which brought us our first awards, still being one

of the most popular tools in professional and demanding lighting for TV studios, drama production, photography and anything that

demands the highest degree of precision.

DLED7-BI Lights

Our present LED bestseller worldwide. Outstanding optical performance. 2 x 90 Watt. The workhorse from drama to table top, with

dozens of exclusive accessories from the dedolight system for no-limit creativity and precision.

dedolight Ledraptor Soft Light

With 5ft reflector, passive cooling – no fan, no noise. Ideal for studios.

GROUP 2 – Perfect non-dedolight Equipment

At sell-out prices

GROUP 3 – dedolight Full Travel Kits

Ex demo and exhibitions, some ex rental, tested, full warranty.
The best choice for the aspiring team with limited budget, still desiring to work with the best.

GROUP 5 – The incredible Flea Market Collection

Some brand-new, for the lowest possible budgets


Please note: Products that are crossed out with a red cross are already sold.


Download the complete brochure in high or low resolution here:

Super Sale Brochure English HighRes

Download the Super Sale brochure in good quality with high resolution images. 

English version 09/2022

PDF - download size about 174 MB.

Super Sale Brochure English LowRes

Download the Super Sale brochure in medium quality with low resolution images. 

English version 09/2022

PDF - download size about 8 MB.

Super Sale Brochure English HighRes

Super Sale - Touch & Play
Nur noch an den ‚Goldenen Donnerstagen‘, von 16:00-21:00 Uhr
Am: 13.07.2023, 20.07.2023, in München, Schwabing Nord (Parkstadt), Karl-Weinmair-Strasse 10.
Einzelstücke Fremdprodukte - neueste Entwicklungen - Bewährtes/Erprobtes

Auch komplette Sets aus Demo-Bestand mit voller Garantie.
Einzelstücke, Fremdprodukte, unbenutzt, aus unserem Erprobungsprogramm.
LED – Mono-/Bi-/Multicolor.

Fokussierend – Panele – Sonderleuchten.
Auch Leuchten (nicht-LED) mit einzigartiger Leistung (vom Oscar Komitee ausgezeichnet)
– wie regelmäßig verwendet bei bekanntesten Mega-Produktionen und Serien - auch Mini-LED-Leuchten für das kleinste Gepäck/Budget, sowie Maxi-LED-Leuchten bis 1200 Watt.

Only on the 'Golden Thursdays', from 16:00-21:00 hrs.
On: 13.07.2023, 20.07.2023, in Munich, Schwabing North (Parkstadt), Karl-Weinmair-Strasse 10.
Single pieces third-party products - latest developments - proven/tested.

Also complete sets from demo stock with full warranty.
Single items, third party products, unused, from our trial program.
LED - Mono/Bi-/Multicolor.

Focusing - panels - special lights.
Also lights (non-LED) with unique performance (awarded by Oscar committee)- as regularly used in most famous mega productions and series - also mini-LED lights for the smallest luggage/budget, as well as maxi-LED lights up to 1200 watts.

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