DWF Spring Cleaning Sale

We are happy in our location since 1992, but our growing warehouse will have to be moved to NEW premises. For preparation we need to reorganize and clean out.

Even some of our most wanted and successful tools, because NEW generations will soon be in production. Some absolutely perfect equipment, which has been sitting on our shelves.
Complete production kits ex demo and exhibitions, tested and ready to rumble, with full warranty for the smallest budget.

Some unbelievably useful morsels in our Flea Market offering.

The prices for dedolight are even more attractive here, as we have increased our regular dedolight prices by 15% from September 1, 2022 (after five years of keeping the same prices). That is the equivalent of a 3% price increase per year, but makes this an opportunity that you should not let pass.


In our Spring Cleaning brochure you will find many attractive items.

Please note: Products that are crossed out with a red cross are already sold.

You can see a short summarized overview here.



This table of contents is also included in the PDF's.

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This function is not available in all browsers.

Category A – dedolight LEDs

Ex demo, full warranty

Category B – dedolight LED softlight

Brand-new, full warranty

Category C – dedolight Classic

Brand-new, full warranty

Category D – dedolight Classic Lighthead with Parallel Beam

Brand-new, full warranty

Category E – dedolight Classic Kits NEW

Brand-new, full warranty

Category F – dedolight complete Sets - used

Ex demo, exhibition and rental - one year warranty

Category G – dedolight DLH400

Brand-new, full warranty

Category H – dedolight Series 200

Brand-NEW, full warranty – the Best of the Best

Category I – dedolight Softlights Kits - used

Used, Tested, warranty 1 year

Category J – dedolight Museum Fixture

dedolight museum fixture with experience (used)

Category L – LED panels for studio and mobile use

Category N – non-focusing LED lights with detachable reflectors

Category P – Diverse Halogen Tungsten Lights and Accessories

Category Q – Lighting Accessories and Light Analyzers

Category T – Various Film Cameras, all functional


Please note: Products that are crossed out with a red cross are already sold.


Download the complete brochure in high or low resolution here:

Spring Cleaning Sale Brochure English HighRes

Download the Spring Cleaning Sale brochure in good quality with high resolution images. 

English version 01/2024

PDF - download size about 190 MB.

Spring Cleaning Sale Brochure English LowRes

Download the Spring Cleaning Sale brochure in medium quality with low resolution images. 

English version 01/2024

PDF - download size about 49 MB.

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