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Tecpro LED Bicolor Tube System

LED Bicolor Tube System

The Tecpro LED bicolor tube system works with 4 Tecpro bicolor LED tubes and a housing with reflector.

The Tecpro LED bicolor tube system can be delivered with the original Tecpro light fixture / housing. Alternatively, an existing Kino Flo 4ft/4-Bank housing can be used. The cable harness is compatible with the Tecpro system.

The Tecpro LED bicolor tube system works with  4 Tecpro bicolor LED tubes and a housing  with reflector.

The appearance is similar to the traditional Kino Flo 4ft/4-Bank housing. The Tecpro system offers a higher light output, lower power consumption, and the continuous adjustability of color temperature in a wide range, from approx. 2800K up to 6500K.

Dimming from 100% to 0%.

LED Bicolor
LED Bicolor
LED Bicolor


The color temperature of the LED tubes can be adjusted with nearly identical light output from 2800K to 6500K.

Advantages of LED bicolor
In mobile shooting in various locations the LED bicolor technology allows quick and easy matching to ambient light conditions.

The dimming function provides continuous intensity adjustment and allows a finely tuned adjustment of light intensity without any change in color.

For quick transport, the LED tubes can be left in the housing. When shooting ends, no cool-down time has to be considered.

Excellent Color Quality
The color characteristics and all color values are according to the highest standards of today’s LED technology.

The Tecpro LED bicolor tube system allows continuous adjustment from 2800K to 6500K. The specifications shown here refer to standard values at 5600K for daylight, and 3200K for tungsten.

Color temperature CCT 2694K 3200K 5600K 6311K
Delta UV 0,0006 0,0053 0,0026 0,0013
Cri Ra 97 95 93 93
Re (R1-R15) 97 94 92 92
TLCI 97,8 97,9 93,9 92,2
Lux 2 m 804 840 953 991


The Tecpro power supply / ballast is offered in two separate versions.

  • Dimming without noticeable steps
  • Continuous adjustment of color temperature from 2800K to 6500K
  • A strobe function allows to pulse
    the light output from 1-50Hz.
  • A demonstration function shows all the various functions and changes from one function to
    the next automatically.
  • Flicker-free operation in every dimming position.


TP-4LT4BAL-BI                             € 630,-

AC mains power supply, for 100 - 240 V, 4 push buttons and a rotary button allow the selection of different menus and different functions.


TP-4LT4BAL2-BI                            € 690,-

AC/DC power supply, All functions identical with the described AC version, but also operational with DC power.


These power supplies can be controlled via DMX (5-pin XLR) and allow the use of a multitude of such lights and ballasts, without individual adjustment on each ballast.

Mains power supply or battery power
The mains power supply ballast is suitable for continuous use. The AC/DC (TP-4LT4BAL2-BI) allows mains power as well as battery power.

When battery power is to be supplied by regular, available V-lock batteries, the Tecpro (TPS-2V) double V-lock device allows the use of batteries below 100Wh, with a regulated output of 24V and a voltage indicator.

Other battery power systems are available with much higher capacities, and provide longer run-time.

Input voltage of AC version: AC 100 - 240 V
Input voltage of AC/DC version: AC 100 - 240 V, DC 22 - 32 VDC (via 3-pin XLR connector)
Power consumption: max. 178 W
Size: 285 mm x 186 mm x 65 mm (L x W x H)
Weight of both ballasts: 1610 g


TP-4LT4CAS-BI                             € 592,-

Image shows Tecpro housing, complete with cable harness
and reflector.
Please note: to mount the Tecpro 4-Bank housing on a lighting stand needs a gobo head, which has to be purchased separately, if not available with the user.

Tecpro LED tube housing:
features elegant and reliable hinges, which make adjustment of leaves/barn doors easier and adjustment more precise.

TP-4LT4MT                                                              p.o.r.

Mounting plate with central ball adjustment. The picture shows Tecpro 4-Bank housing with mounting plate and the optional gobo head / grip head (not included)


TP-4LT4-BI                        € 114,-

LED single tube bicolor.
Length 1200 mm, diameter 48 mm. Equals T12 tubes.

TP-4LT4GRID                      € 70,-

Louvre, honeycomb-style device to limit light exit angle

TP-4LT4-GH                     € 39,-   

Grip Head
2 ½“ Grip Head with 16 mm Receiver
Mounting the Tecpro 4-Bank housing to a lighting stand needs a grip head. This has to be bought separately, if not available already.


TPS-2V                              € 274,-

When battery power is to be used with existing V-lock batteries, the Tecpro TPS-2V V-lock device offers the opportunity to work even with batteries below 100 Wh. Regulated output 24 V and voltage indicator.

As option also other battery systems with higher capacities can be used for longer run-times.

TP-4LT4CAB                      € 70,-

Louvre, honeycomb-style device to limit light exit angle

DPOW-3XLR                       € 69,-

3 pol XLR cable 119“ (300 mm) long, AWG 16 (1,5 mm²)

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