Thunder One is by far one of the most versatile soft light panels.It spreads lights that are brighter, softer and fresher.It combines new semiconductor technology, innovative color - mixing alogorithms and latest camera and display research achievements.It's a brand - new weapon you can use for various film and television lighting applications.

Dynamic Light Effects

Dynamic Lighting Effects

  • Thunder series provide more than 10 dynamic lighting effects, simulating various themes.
  • Thunder series now support fire, candle, paparazzi, lightning, cop car, club, firework, party, television, CCT sweeping and dynamic AR lighting effects.
  • The Brightness, frequency, speed, phase, and colors of the lighting effects can be adjusted to match various film shooting requirements.

Tremendous Light

  • Thunder One is one of the brightest soft light panels. In white light modes, it achieves 1800 lux at 3 m distance, brighter than a 3 kW space Tungsten light. It is 50% brighter than soft light panels with similar light apertures.
  • Thunder One supports 1000 level dimming and provides four different dimming curves. Users are able to fine tune light output at different lumen output levels.
Tremendous Light
Sun-Like Spectrum

Sun-Like Spectrum

  • Thunder series provide sun-like spectrum of light over 2,700K to 10,000K color temperature range. The Color Rendering Index and the Television Lighting Consistency Index are above 95.
  • Thunder series support Green/Magenta fine tuning, matching the ambient light and camera white balance.
Beyond Sunlight

Beyond Sunlight

  • Thunder series believe that sunlight is not the only criterion for film and television lighting.
  • The innovative Augmented (AR) mode makes object colors appear fresher and preferrend than they are under the sunlight. Advanced control modes allow users to adjust the skin tone saturation level with a fixed white light appearance.
  • Thus the film shooting group is able to edit object colors in reality, without changing the white balance settings in cameras, It largely reduces the color correction labor after film shooting.

Thunder Series
Wide Gamut

Wide Gamut

  • Thunder series use the innovative RGBWA color mixing technology. The color gamut is 20% wider than traditional ways of color mixing, providing more than 100,000 colors.
  • HS| mode allows for a full range of color options with user defined white point.
  • Gel mode simulates color appearance of more than 300 traditional film & television gels.

Accurate Colors

  • Thunder series insist the "all-calibration" principle: every thunder series product is carefully calibrated by our fully automated color management system.
  • In the white light mode, the color abbreviation of every color temperature is less than 2 SDCM (<50K on average), closing to camera and human eye limits.
  • Thunder series have been widely used in camera calibration and visual research.
Accurate Colors
A wider light aperture guaranteed a uniform light and color distribution. The lights spread to the surface of objects softly, without edge shadows and chromatic abbreviation.
A wider light aperture guaranteed a uniform light and color distribution. The lights spread to the surface of objects softly, without edge shadows and chromatic abbreviation.

Flicker-Free Lights

  • Unlike the traditional Pulse-width modulation dimming technology. Thunder series use the innovative analog way of dimming, continuously outputting the lights.
  • Every mode and every dimming level of Thunder’s light generates continuous light for high speed shooting. Free from flicker at any frame rate or shutter angle.


Intuitive User Interface

  • Thunder series provide a high-resolution 3.2-inch color display with full viewing angle. Intuitively adjust the all color parameters, the lights are ready to shine.
  • Thunder series supports on-board, DMX, remote controller and mobile app ways of control. Wireless control provides more options for arranging the lighting system layouts.
Intuitive User Interface

Robust & Reliable

  • In the manufacturing process, every thunder series product is carefully evaluated and tested by more than 40 processes, including physical protection test, LED aging, temperature/humidity induced color shift and etc.

Full Range of Accessories

  • To meet various film & telecision shooting needs, Thunder series are provided with deverse accessories, including remote controller, USB cable, diffusion panels, 4-leaf barndoor. Snoot, Softbox. DMX cables, power cables and various types of cases.

Ease of Installation

  • Thunder series soft light panels are one of the thinnest light source in the market, as thin as 4.8 inches. They can be closely installed against walls, under the ceiling, or in more narrow spaces.
  • Thunder series are equipped with built-in power supply and supports external battery, all for ease of installation and portability.

Responsive Customer Service

  • Thunder series continuously updates the firmware, for more functions and more reliable light ourpur.
  • 2-year warranty. Lifelong maintenance.

Specifications (Thunder One)

Optical system Soft Light Panel
Light Aperture 3.2' x 1.6'
Weight Approx. 16.6kg/36.6lbs(including built-in power supply)
Handling Aluminum Yoke, Tilt Lock
Mounting 28mm Spigot(Junior Pin)
Tilt Angle ±90°
White Light 2700K ~ 10000K with each step of 50K
Color Light Full R+G+B+W+A Gamut, with user defined white point
CCT Tolerance +/- 100(nominal), +/-1/10 Green/Magenta(nominal)
Color Rendering Ra 95, TLCI 92
Green/Magenta Adjusting Duv -0.015~0.015 with each step of 0.1%
Dimming 0~100% dimming with each step of 0.1%
Power Supply Input Range AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, Battery 24V to 30V
Power Consumption 430~450W
Control On-board controller, 5 Pin DMX in/out, Bluetooth mobile app
Firmware Upgrade Firmware upgradable via flash drive
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C
Estimated color shift over life time 3 SDCM
Estimated LED Lifetime(L70) 50,000 hours
Screen Luminance Approx. 60,000 cd/m2
Screen Uniformity >90%

Photometric data(Thunder One)

Distance CCT llluminance(standard diffuser) llluminance(with intensifier)
1m/3.28ft 3200K 12200 lx 1133 fc 18103 lx 1681 fc
5600K 11950 lx 1110 fc 17521 lx 1627 fc
2m/6.5ft 3200K 3512 lx 326 fc 5257 lx 488 fc
5600K 3365 lx 313 fc 5005 lx 465 fc
3m/9.8ft 3200K 1580 lx 147 fc 2353 lx 219 fc
5600K 1558 lx 145 fc 2285 lx 212 fc
5m/16.4ft 3200K 643 lx 60 fc 950 lx 88 fc
5600K 627 lx 58 fc 934 lx 87 fc
7m/23ft 3200K 365 lx 34 fc 544 lx 50 fc
5600K 357 lx 33 fc 526 lx 49 fc
9m/29.5ft 3200K 234 lx 22 fc 351 lx 33 fc
5600K 231 lx 21 fc 336 lx 31 fc

Photometric data(Thunder Lite)

Distance CCT llluminance(standard diffuser) llluminance(with intensifier)
1m/3.28ft 3200K 8032 lx 746 fc 11957 lx 1111 fc
5600K 7808 lx 725 fc 11711 lx 1088 fc
2m/6.5ft 3200K 1998 lx 186 fc 2092 lx 279 fc
5600K 2077 lx 193 fc 3113 lx 289 fc
3m/9.8ft 3200K 880 lx 82 fc 1286 lx 119 fc
5600K 898 lx 83 fc 1341 lx 125 fc
5m/16.4ft 3200K 326 lx 30 fc 483 lx 45 fc
5600K 347 lx 32 fc 517 lx 48 fc
7m/23ft 3200K 176 lx 16 fc 261 lx 24 fc
5600K 190 lx 18 fc 277 lx 26 fc
9m/29.5ft 3200K 110 lx 10 fc 163 lx 15 fc
5600K 121 lx 11 fc 178 lx 17 fc

PL30001 • Thunder One Standard Kit 2.835,00 €

PL40001 • Thunder Lite Standard Kit 1.680,00 €

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