Orion 300 FS


Prolycht Orion 300 FS is by far the most versatile spot light. It combines new semiconductor technology, innovative six-channel color mixing technology and latest camera research achievements. 

It is powerful, portable and reliable, made to be a brand-new weapon you can use for various film and video production applications.

Technical Data:

Optical system: Color Spot Light, 1.97' light aperture
Weight: Lamp Head 3.7kg / 8Ibs, Control Box 3.2 kg / 7 Ibs
Handling & Mounting: Lamp Head: Aluminium Yoke with 360° Tilt Lock, 28/16 mm Spigot, Control Box: Quick Release Clamp
Fan Mode: Silent, Low Speed (14 dB noise), Medium Speed, High Speed, Auto
White Light: 2,000K ~ 20,000K with Green / Magenta adjustment
Color Light: Full R+G+B+A+C+L Gamut

Seamless color tuning in HSI color wheel

Matching 46 natural / artificial light sources

Matching 318 Rosco / LEE Gels

19 Lighting effects with tunable parameters
Color Rendering: Ra 96, TLCI 98
Green / Magenta Adjustment: Duv -0.015~0.015 adjustable, 200 steps
Dimming: 0~100% dimming, 1000 steps
Power Supply: AC: 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz

Battery: Two 14.8V batteries, V-mount or AB-mount available
Power Consumption: 320W maximum
Control Options: Full Color Control panel

5-Pin DMX in/out, 27 DMX modes

LAN port with built-in ArtNet

ChromaLink App supporting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection

Support 3rd party App control
Firmware Upgrade: Firmware upgradable via flash drive
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
IP Rating: IP 20, not water proof
Estimated color shift 2 SDCM @100% brightness, 4 SDCM @ 10% brightness
Estimated L70 Lifetime 50,000 hours
LED Engine

The Hyperlight LED Engine

-- the future of lighting


RGBACAL Hypercolor LED Engine.

CRI 98 / TLCI 98
Extreme Flexibility and Accuracy


Introducing Prolycht Orion 300 FS RGBACL Spot Light with Rodney Charters ASC


Prolycht Orion 300 Color Spot Light - 6D Light Engine

Prolycht Orion 300 FS - The Most Versatile Light EVER!

Also watch this review of Prolycht's Orion 300 FS MkII - a 6 color, full spectrum, hard light for film sets.


Orion 300 FS Kit 

Code: PL20001

  • Orion 300 FS Lamp Head
  • Orion 300 FS Ballast (PL20001: V-mount battery plate, PL20001AB: AB-mount battery plate)
  • Orion 300 FS Reflector-Intensifier
  • Orion 300 FS Diffuser
  • Orion 300 FS Power Cord (switched)
  • Orion 300 FS Signal Cord (5-meter)
  • Orion 300 FS Safety Cord
  • Orion 300 FS Quick-release clamp (to mount ballast to stand)
  • User Manual, Warranty Card, QC certificate, Prolycht wristband
  • Orion 300 FS Carrying bag with shoulder strap

list price: 1.995,00



Orion 300 FS Lantern Soft Box

Code: PL20002

  • 25’’ Lantern Softbox
  • Carry bag

list price: 180,00


Orion 300 FS Fresnel 2X Kit

Code: PL20004

  • 2x range Fresnel Lens
  • 4-way Barn Doors (8’’)
  • Carry bag

list price: 320,00 €

Orion 300 FS Dome Soft Box

Code: PL20003

  • 36’’ Dome Softbox 
  • Internal diffuser
  • Grid front (fabric)
  • Carry bag

list price: 300,00


Orion 300 FS Projection Lens Kit

Code: PL20005

  • Projection Lens head (22-degree beam)
  • Metal graphic gobos (16x)
  • Metal gobo tray
  • Aperture gobo (full iris, accepts metal gobo)
  • Polygon gobo (4-leaf adjustable)

list price: 350,00 €


Light Shape Control

Orion 300 FS Light Head

Code: PL20009

replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 1.400,00

Orion Standard Reflector

Code: PL20006

replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 90,00

Orion 300 FS Fresnel Barn Doors

Code: PL20008 

  • Four-leaf Barn Doors, 8’’
  • Attachable to Orion 300 FS standard reflector
  • replacement, included in PL20004

list price: 90,00 €

Orion 300 FS Fresnel 
2 x Lens with Barn Doors

Code: PL20007

  • 2X range Fresnel lens
  • replacement, included in PL20004

list price: 250,00

Orion 300 FS Projection Gobo Set

Code: PL20010  

  • replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 90,00 €


Power Supplies

Orion 300 FS Standard Light Head Cable (5m)

Code: PL20015

  • replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 60,00

Orion 300 FS Mains Cable

Code: PL20017

  • replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 50,00

Orion 300 FS 10m Light Head Cable

Code: PL20016

list price: 150,00

Orion 300 FS Safety Cable

Code: PL20018

  • replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 20,00


Orion 300 FS Ballast

Code: PL20011

replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 1.400,00



Orion 300 FS Soft Case

Code: PL20012

  • replacement, included in PL20001

list price: 200,00

Orion 300 FS Fresnel Soft Case

Code: PL20013

  • replacement, included in PL20004

list price: 80,00

Orion 300 FS Projection Lens Soft Case

Code: PL20014

  • replacement, included in PL20005

list price: 80,00


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