Eflect • Reflected Light for Creative Elements and Backgrounds

The brand name Eflect describes reflected light for creative elements and backgrounds.

Who can use Eflect?

Even the single image creator who travels has to use lighting on the move but still wants to have access to all the creative choices.

  • Eflect can also be used for major effect in studios, theatres, shows as an infinite choice of creative effect.
  • Table top – we are working on a miniature version of Eflect for the use of table top shooting, suitable for both still photography and moving images

For the smallest crew, the Eflect system can be used to complement our smallest kits of focusing LED lights. You simply add a gooseneck arm with a magnet to attach Eflect reflectors. 


The multi-mirror reflectors exist in different structures and different surfaces, even different surface colors. They can be bent and shaped for a multitude of light effects for projection, not only for the creation of backgrounds, but also for lighting of talents.

Neutral effects can simulate light spots and speckles, reminiscent of sunlight or moonlight, shining through leaf structures of trees and bushes. 

Focusing the light head with or without a parallel beam attachment give an incredible diversity of effects. In combination with the parallel beam adapter, the output power is increased and can be controlled as necessary with our reflectors.

There is also a selection of different laminated color filters. These color filters at first appear simple or unusual, but once you play with them, you will find out that you have an enhanced choice of effects that you would have never thought of or have seen before.

Upon the suggestions of several directors of photography we are also preparing another family of very gentle filters to create subtle moonlight effects, sunset effects and such. 


One small lightweight pouch contains the lighting stand adapter, the gooseneck as well as a choice of three different multi-mirror reflectors plus a number of effect filters, which can be inserted directly on the light fixture.

All this is just the beginning. More effects, more structures are being experimented with and are in pre-production, but already the existing variety of creative effects is amazing. Everybody who has seen them so far, quickly became enthused because of the ease of use and wonderful results for a small investment. 

Without budget restrictions or time constraints to setup, Eflect unleashes your creativity. Your imagination is the only limit.

EFLECT – Major Effects

Several directors of photography and lighting designers have asked us to build the Eflect reflectors in a larger size. Those will then be used with some of our more powerful LED focusing lights, and possibly also with the suitable parallel beam adapter. In principle, it will offer the same creative possibilities but with a greater output power to work on larger sets. 

Mini EFLECT for Table Top    

This system is still in preparation and my also use 

a number of reflectors with surfaces similar to the Lightstream Drama reflectors, but in miniature size, including all the flexible multi-mirror effects form the regular Eflect system. As always, we welcome user’s feedback and suggestion to expand the system in various directions. 


Many combinations of choices and filters are possible to provide gentle, smooth and subtle effects for an exciting and infinite choice of creative elements.

Lightstream Drama and Lightstream TV advantageously replace traditional concepts of complete sets, people and groups of people and are easily adapted to the needs of single or multi-camera work. They are not mere replacements of all the technology. They propose a new and unique way to setup lighting including smooth and gentle touches. 

Eflect, on the other hand, as the name indicates, combines reflected light systems with effect lighting into an incredible new variety of effects that can be rolled out by the smallest single-person team with an absolute minimum of additional tools, pulled from a little pouch, all the way to the demanding effects on larger sets.

Eflect works with the selection of newly conceived reflectors, which can be shaped, bent, and most of them work with multi-mirror surfaces.

The system is enhanced by a selection of laminated special filters, which at first sight do not seem to make any sense, but as soon as you apply them, focus the light, change the distance, change the shape of the reflector, you would discover an absolutely astounding variety of new effects that can be very attractive as background creation, even for lighting people.


EFLECT Table Top

The Table Top Eflect line will consist of very small reflectors, specific tools and mounting devices to answer the requirements of very limited space. Additional effects required only for table top are in research & development.

All of these different tools, practices and applications will be described in the following chapters. We are also offering a selection of tutorial videos, explaining the tools and various practices.


Basic Kit

as shown in the picture with: 

  • Gooseneck holding arm   
  • 3 multi-mirror reflectors   
  • 5 laminated color filters   
  • Transport pouch
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