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Magic Hue 260

LG-G260 LED RGBAW Light with DMX

LEDGO LG-G260 MagicHue Series LED Studio Light, 260W, RGBW with DMX, incl. Flight Case, Barndoor

  • 15887-18617LM Super bright illumination
  • 2700 - 7500K Wide Colour Temperature Range
  • 260W Power
  • 48V5.8A DC, 100-240V AC Power Source
  • Dual V-Mount Plates for Optional Battery Power
  • DMX & WiFi Control Ready - Use with A34 Optional Handheld Remote or A30 WiFi Transfer Device with “New” LEDGO smart device App


Quick Specs:

CRI(Ra): 95
Power Consumption: 260W
Input Voltage: 00~240V AC
Output Voltage: 48V5.8A DC
Color Temperature: CCT 2700K-7500K
Illumination(LM): 2700K: 15887LM, 7500K: 18617LM
Illumination(LUX): 7500K: 8015LUX@1M, 2124LUX@2M, 968LUX@3M, 575LUX@4M, 385LUX@5M 5600K: 8570LUX@1M, 2307LUX@2M, 1054LUX@3M, 616LUX@4M, 415LUX@5M 3200K: 7675LUX@1M, 2055LUX@2M, 929LUX@3M, 552LUX@4M, 374LUX@5M, 2700K: 6628LUX@1M, 1778LUX@2M, 812LUX@3M, 477LUX@4M, 323LUX@5M
Brightness control: Color Dim (RGB): 2.4G remote / WiFi APP / DMX / Dimmer
Weight: About 11kg
Dimension: 858*613*148mm/33.8*24.1*5.8"
Power Source Input Voltage 100~240V AC Output Voltage 48V5.8A DC
Power 260W
Dimming(0-100%/one key) 0-100%
Working Termperature(°C) -20 to 40°
Working Lifetime(Hour) 50000 Hours
Certification CE/RoHS
Control model 2.4G remote / WiFi APP / DMX / Dimmer
Packaged  Weight (lb/KG) Outer Packaging Length (In/Cm) Outer Packaging Width (In/Cm) Outer Packaging Height (In/Cm)
lb KG In CM In CM In CM
71,9 32,7 38,2 97 9,1 23 29,9 76


  • 1 x LG-G260
  • 1 x Barndoor
  • 1 x Adapter set
  • 1 x Flight Case

Product Features

  1. CCT
    Fully Tuneable CCT from 2,700 K to 7,500 K with plus/minus magenta green control and access the full color gamut with color saturation, color temperature variations is stable controlled ±50. MagicHue G260 adopt seperated button for controlling menu list, can simply selecting from a list.

  2. Color Trimming
    MagicHue G260 color trimming feature can simply selecting and controlling RGB± match a location lights by any environment

  3. Source Matching
    MagicHue G260 make it possible to reproduce virtually any color that matches to commonly light sources such as Candlelight, sodium light, street lights etc.

  4. 10 Filters Pre-programmed color
    All the lighting effects commonly used on filming/commercial can be switch freely, Free of confines of traditional filters Present top 10 of filters can be simply selecting it directly from menu list. Which can save a lot of replacement steps and time to change the lighting effects.

  5. Storage Extraction Function
    The storage extraction function can be used to save your favorite color mode, so next time the customer can extract it according their needs. Easy save, easy extract.

  6. RGBAW
    RGBAW in five-colors, which you can adjust not only single color but also HSI and saturation, to create the ambient light, mood light, scene light freely on your demand, meet all your needs for creative use of light.

  7. More preset special lighting effects
    Amazing lighting effects make it easier and faster match a location light source. Special scenes and color cycles, can fast simulate over 10 kinds of ambient light with professional effects, saving your time and costs at the same time.

  8. Synchronization Mode
    New technology using Synchronization on the master-slave control mode. To achieve a synchronous control of multi fixtures, even in the outdoors can take a low cost by establishing a lamp lighting environment as required. Ensure that the lighting is consistent.

  9. Battery mode included.
    The MagicHue G260 allows the fixture to be operated in many locations, using standard dual Sony V-lock battery power. With dual battery input, G260 can easily run in 50% power , beautiful soft light need no longer be tethered to a room or truss. And G260 can be operated at up to 100% of its total power while charging by AC

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 list price  2.591,00 €

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