The Imager Series DP1 and DP400
Mockup Templates for use with Photoshop (smart object)



A slide projection can be a wonderful tool. In the same view for the eye, as well as the camera, the projected background image appears at the same time as you can see the setting of the lighting.

Using mockup templates is quite easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and your job is done.



1. Open the .tif file of the mockup size of your need, which is the source file you will edit


2. Locate the smart object layer and double click on the smart object layer, this will open a new window with the undistorted image.

Mockup File opened 
Mockup File opened
Mockup File - Smart Object opened 
Mockup File - Smart Object opened

3. Place your Image on the smart object layer, transform the image to the right size

Mockup File - Place new Image 
Mockup File - Place new Image
Mockup File - erase old image, or just leave it. 
Mockup File - erase old image, or just leave it.

4. Save and Close the temporary smart object layer file.


5. As soon you are back to the original file, you will see your image distorted at the right angle.

Mockup File - New Image set 
Mockup File - New Image set

6. Print the result on a clear foil.


7. Cut and insert the foil into the corresponding imager/projection attachment.


Mockup Templates - Download

Available Format: Layered TIFF - easy smart object insertion

License: Free for personal and commercial use

Zip File lncludes: TIFF file for use with Photoshop


DP1 with DPSH and 85 mm lens

DP1, 45° projection angle with 85 mm lens: 10°



DP1S 60 mm lens

DP1S, 45° projection angle with 60 mm lens: 11°



DP400 • 100 mm lens

DP400, 45° projection angle with 100 mm lens: 11° 



DP400 • 150 mm lens

DP400, 45° projection angle with 150 mm lens: 8°


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