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DLED12 LED Light Head


The focusable DLED12 DMX Bicolor LED Light Head is a  LED fixture with a high CRI of >95. 

Bicolor 2700K – 6500K, allows the adaptation to changing situations of ambient light. Ideally suited for the larger lighting task, also for mobile drama production, as well as for studios.

The DLED12 offers a focusing range from 65 to 8°, providing a flood-to-spot capability for a multitude of uses. 
Also, the light is dimmable from 100-0% and is compatible with DMX controls. The light can output 90,900 lux at 3' while set to spot and only draws about 250 W, making it a very efficient light source. 
This power does produce enough heat to require an Active Heat Pipe cooling system with near silent fans.
Weight: 11 kg (24 lbs)

  • These totally new dedolight LED lights offer:
  • Compact construction
  • Aspherical optics
  • Perfect performance
  • Perfect light distribution
  • Perfect color 
  • Super quiet, innovative cooling system
  • Motorized versions on demand

Permits the use of the following optical accessories: 

  • Non-spherical, wide-angle attachment DLWA1200R
  • DP1200KU imager/projection attachment with interchangeable modules for different tasks and interchangeable lenses. Serves super precise light-/shadow-shaping and projections, the best, west and east of the Mississippi
  • 8-leaf barndoor DBD400
  • Use of different soft boxes with speed ring DLSR8
  • Parallel beam attachment DPBA-L18 . An amazing optical achievement, doubles the light output and opens the doors to the creative Lightstream system and the work with reflected light.

Available Versions:

DLED12-BI-DMX bicolor version

Bicolor fixture, tunable between 2700K - 6500K, power consumption 250 W

2.586,00 €

DLED12-D-DMX daylight version

Daylight fixture, 5600K, power consumption 250 W

1.985,00 €

DLED12 Pole operated
DLED12 Pole operated

Technical Data:

Focusing range 60° - 5°
Intensity range 01:11
CCT 2700 - 6500
daylight tungsten
CRI Ra 97 96
CRI Re 95 94
TLCI 96 97
Delta UV -0.0011 0.0015
Lux in 3 m flood position 933
Lux in 3 m spot position 10.100
Lux in 3 m with parallel beam attachment DPBA-L18 13.774
Input voltage 90 - 264 VAC
Power consumption 250 W
Size 484,2 x 323,4 x 542,7 mm (19.1 x 12.7 x 21,4 inches )
Weight 11 kg 24.3 lbs


DLED12-BI-DMX Bicolor in daylight function 5600K
distance Meter 1 2 3 5 10 15
Diameter of lit area Meter 1.10 2.10 3.20 5.30 10.60 16
Flood 60° Lux 8.400 2.100 933 336 84 37
Diameter of lit area Meter 0.23 0.46 0.68 1.10 2.30 3.40
Medium 13° Lux 20.800 5.200 2.310 832 208 93
Diameter of lit area Meter 0.10 0.17 0.26 0.44 0.87 1.30
Spot 5° Lux 90.900 22.725 10.100 3.636 909 404
DLED12-BI-DMX Bicolor in tungsten function 3200K
Flood Lux 6.930 1.733 770 277 70 31
Medium Lux 16.900 4.225 1.877 679 169 75
Spot Lux 76.500 19.125 8.500 3.060 765 340

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  • dedolight DLED12 Flyer

    dedolight DLED12 Flyer

    The DLED12 lights are extremely powerful compact and versatile. These new dedolight LED lights offer: Daylight or Bicolor, DMX Control, Compact construction, Aspherical optics, Perfect performance, Perfect light distribution, Perfect color, Super quiet, innovative cooling system

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