Aladdin Newsletter February 2020



The ALL-IN story continues. You once again asked for it and we made it possible. Coming up is the brand-new gaffer kit with all the essentials you need on set. This kit prepares you for every situation you can imagine. It includes the lightweight frame, a softbox, a softbox grid, the external dimmer unit and much more.

We have also improved our cases. They got a much harder shell than before but didn't necessarily get any heavier. The zipper became much more durable as well.

What's in the new gaffer kit (ALL-IN 1):

  • ALL-IN 1 Color LED Panel 
  • Wired Remote with DMX / LumenRadio
  • Extension cable (3m)
  • AC adapter
  • ALL-IN D-tap connection
  • Double ballhead
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Diffuser
  • Softbox
  • Softbox grid
  • Pouch for your panel


We are sorry, this might be confusing, but it really isn't. We have new products called BI-FABRIC 2 and BI-FABRIC 4. Those are improved versions of the BI-FLEX 2 and BI-FLEX 4. All the accessories still fit. From now on the kits will include the new FABRIC panels. For you nothing really changes, apart from getting cooler and better panels.

What's new about the BI-FABRICS:

  • Available as 1x2 and 1x4
  • Same Fabric as the FABRIC-LITE
  • Much more flexible
  • Much more durable
  • Better built cables on the back of the panel
  • Improved corners


You know our frames. You might not know about our new frames yet. They are more lightweight and as easy to use as before. What's really great about the frames: You can use the same accessories as with x-bend holder. The softbox fits really tight on the frame and a diffuser can be placed directly on the frame as well. There's also one thing new: There's a frame grid to put directly on the frame and it fits perfectly. So you'll have all the possibilities without any compromise.

Most of our kits will include the frames now, such as the ALL-IN gaffer kits (introduced earlier in this newsletter).

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