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Black Box Studio Belgium

Michael Bauer, 20.04.2018

Black Box Studio Belgium

Black Box Studio is specialized in advertisement and food photography .Dedolight allows us to achieve outstanding evenness of color temperature and light intensity. This distinguishes Dedolight from other lighting systems.
Creativity requires perfect knowledge and control over the rules, only then it is possible to divert them and to push the technical boundaries further away.
Thanks to the continuous light of Dedolight fixtures, we get a great preview of what we wish to achieve and can complete the picture with virtuosity. Dedolight really allows us to sublimate the object, to vibrate its substances, to breathe life into it.
Size doesn’t matter anymore, control over the desired atmosphere can only be provided through precision and optical quality.
Dedolight light beams allow, for example, to create richer gradations.

The technology allows refinement on any focused detail, thanks to the wide range of imaging accessories each render keeps its natural tone.
The increased sensitivity of the latest digital sensors permit the use of continuous light for other applications such as portrait.

The expectations in still life photography require a profound research for quality. Dedolight allows us to make a valuable product on a daily basis.