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dedolight architectural fitting and Luxam

Michael Bauer, 09.03.2018

dedolight architectural fitting and Luxam

hall 4.1 - stand B51. 

dedolight + luxam 

dedolight architectural fittings offer homegenic, highly focusable beam of light. With the accessories one can de ne accents.

  • A simple, defined light beam with no accessories.
  • Standard barndoor or an articulated 12-leaf barn- door system provide infinitely variable defined soft shadow edges.
  • Projection attachment/ imager. This attachment
  • provides a higher level of control, allowing variable framing from razor sharp edges to soft and gradual edges.

Our exclusive partner „Luxam - Lighting for museums“ manufactures bre optic and hybrid LED/ bre ligh- ting systems for display cases. The system shares the exibility of the dedolight precision lighting system to offer both excellent conservation and stunning display of artefacts.

From the ancient wonders of Egypt to the United States Bill of Rights, many of the world’s greatest trea- sures are lit by dedolights. Recent Projects include the National Museum of Bavaria / Munich, Hermitage / St. Petersburg and the Musee d’Orsay / Paris.