Introducing the 2nd International
◆ dedolight Lighting Competition ◆


Please Note: The competition is over and the winners have been determined.

International Dedolight Lighting Competition

Finally the decisions of our international jury have all been put together, and the list of winners is being worked upon, and each of you who won a price will be notified in the next few days.

Thank you for your patience.

There have been many unfortunate delays, mostly due to the current pandemic and the fact that many of the jury were in lockdown situation.
But it allowed us to include some of the late entries.

Thank you very much for your patience. The results are quite remarkable, and we will publish them on our channels and possibly put a potpourri together of the winning entries.

For all of those who did not win, we thank you for your participation, and we will still try and see which of your videos we will publicize or like to.


Dear Friend, dear Agent and Distributor,

We are challenging everybody, be it professionals, be it students, teachers or beginners, to participate in this competition.

The aim of this competition is to further our deep dedication to the educational approach – LET US LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.

When we had our first competition about 4 years ago we received more than 250 entries from all over the world.
Most of those were absolutely amazing and ingenious in their creativity, their mood and most of them also regarding the educational value.

In the following we will describe in detail what the competition is all about and what can and should be considered, what steps to take, for you, the distributor, the supporter, the friend, who will help to organize this.

We will also add some first ideas how you can introduce this to your clients and friends, to film and media schools, to photographic institutions – pretty much anybody who feels the urge to share his creativity and feels that he has something to tell to others, striving to make better images.

You can see some brief collection of some results of the first international competition, and you can also view all the ones that won the 30 prizes, and all the ones that also participated, many of them with incredibly creative and esthetic approaches.


Possible introduction to your clients, media and film schools, photographic schools and any other individuals

The main driving force behind this competition is my personal commitment to the educational approach.

I grew up in a country where, at that time, there was not a single film school, but I found wonderful, very capable and patient teachers whom I owe a lot. This is the reason why I want to pass on what I have learnt, hopefully creating something like a chain reaction where all of us can benefit from the experience, the creativity and the ingenuity of each other.

There are many different aspects of lighting. You can find light, you can create light in many different ways; there are many specialties in an endless variety.

Dedo Weigert

Dedo Weigert


Check and register participants.

Since this is an impressive range of equipment, we have to coordinate the time and therefore also ask for early registration for the benefit of all users, but also for us to represent and coordinate in the best way.

The actual competition will take place from January to August 2020.

Your Equipment
How to Proceed and Prizes

Our Precision Lighting Instruments

They can be used in standard every-day-applications. They also fulfill the highest demands for super quality in special effects.

The very same instruments are used worldwide, even by the smallest team, all the way to the single-person team.

We have created an incredible variety of tools, allowing different approaches for esthetic and creative tasks.

‘Let us learn from each other’.


The competition will be handled and managed through our worldwide network of distributors See international agents and distributors

We supply to you (temporarily) the equipment / the tools.

Additional equipment / tools can be added, and we will furnish this as long as available.

To get more information, check out the video on the right.



You Create a Video

You send it to us or the distributor responsible for your area. 
You upload your video on YouTube and/or Vimeo and passing on the link of the video to us ) and the responsible distributor.
Closing date is August 31, 2020

For major countries we will find a local prominent juror. We also evaluate the entries a second time with our team of professional jurors in Germany.


The Evaluation Criteria 

  1. The esthetic value / impression of your image(s)
  2. The value of your contribution by creativity, ingeniousness, mood (message).
  3. Our expectation, the demand and the CONDITION is:
    You clearly explain step by step how you achieved your lighting and your image composition, so that the viewer can understand to the extent that in the end he will say: ‘I understood and I can do that myself’. 
    Thus, we want to fulfill our dream of the educational approach, teaching each other, learning from each other the incredible variety of this wonderful profession.


Subjects for your Videos

You are totally free to choose. 
It could be people, portraits, mood, drama, animation, or very special approaches.


Who should participate?

Everyone – from the experienced professional, the teacher, the student, the beginner, the specialist, to single person or team. 
Could be a subject for a task in a film school, could follow personal initiative or following a teacher’s guidance.


Possible Tools

a) Classic dedolights, traditional halogen

Indulge in the reliable, comforting character of halogen and its beautiful full-spectrum skin rendition. Show variations of color temperature on the warm side or cooler. Project razor-sharp cuts, all the way to gentle-flowing transitions. Explore the incredible variety of light characters.


b) Bicolor LED focusing lights and soft lights

Explore the variety of Kelvin – color temperature hues on skin, changing moods and characters, project backgrounds and effects.

Project your own pictures for background, match or contrast color temperature, match projected and depicted parts of the image.


c) Explore the world of dedolight Lightstream

The oldest, but still most revolutionary world of reflected light.

‘Sweet beams are made of this’.


d) Eflect

Other unusual effects of reflected light, from gentle sunspots, like light falling through a deciduous tree, to psychedelic effects - defined or floating. 



More details about tools that you may be working with:

The tools we can supply. Your choice. Also possible accessories according to availability.

SPS5 Lighting Kit, Halogen

5-light halogen lighting kit including 2 soft boxes, background projection and inserts for background projections, gobos, background effect filters and more.


KLT7-3-BI Lighting Kit, LED (Alternatively)

A kit with 3 Bicolor high-performance LED focusing lights, 2 soft boxes, 
one background projection attachment and inserts for the projection attachment, choice of gobos and background effect filters.



Please note, with our focusing LED lights and our high-class projection attachments you are able to take pictures on your smartphone, print them on a regular color office printer on a gel (doesn’t need to be a heat-resistant gel), insert it into the projection attachment.

When you are projecting from an angle,the image may appear distorted and we will include some instructions how to pre-distort the image in PhotoShop, so that when you project it, it will be in the right proportions, even when projected from an angle.

Possible accessories to be chosen from according to availability to be discussed with your local distributor.


Set of Eflect multi-mirror reflectors and holding devices to create a multitude of fantastic background effects, ranging from sunspots falling through a deciduous tree, to wonderful flowing color backgrounds.

Large Eflect – same function, just covering larger areas to be projected upon.


dedolight Lightstream reflectors and grip accessories 

We can offer a dedolight parallel beam intensifier to fit on one of your focusing lights, enhancing the light output multiple times.

Included in the set will be four reflectors, 25x25cm, and some selection of holding devices, bending arms, to attach and adjust them.


dedolight Lightstream Table Top Set

Mini reflectors and holding devices. Ideally suited for table top creative lighting, food, cosmetics, any small subjects that you would usually shoot in table top manner in a studio, where you need the highest degree of control and still create many different lighting effects, where one light head can be used to produce many different effects in many different directions with different shapes and characters.


Steps / How to Proceed

  1. Register with the exclusive distributor/importer in your country ( see list ). Arrange with him a time span (maybe 2 weeks) suitable for you, also according to the availability of the desired and agreed upon equipment.

  2. When our distributor has completed the list of participants, we ship the equipment to be distributed and delivered.

  3. You deliver the video, showing your ability, creativity and the mastering of story-telling. You upload your video on YouTube and/or Vimeo and passing on the link of the video to us (competition@dedoweigertfilm.deand the responsible distributor. Deadline is August 31st, 2020. Video must be uploaded till that date on YouTube or Vimeo.

  4. Goal of the competition is to create teaching devices for creatives all over the world.  This will grow the number of tutorial videos that we have already produced in the categories: 
    ✥ Lighting for the small team
    ✥ Learning from the masters
    and we would be excited to be able to offer a wider range of creative lighting scenarios through your videos.
    Therefore please upload your video under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY 4.0 /
    With all videos chosen for tutorials, your name, or if you prefer your company name, organization or school, will be mentioned.

  5. A first evaluation will be made by a local jury, as far as available and selected. Feel free to make suggestions who should be one of the jurors in your country. A second evaluation will be done by our jury of professionals and teachers.

  6. You return the equipment that you have used to the distributor. If any accident happened and some of the equipment may show signs of use or damage, this will be our responsibility. However, we would urge you to take care of the equipment as best as you can.


Prizes ➤ We are offering 30 prizes with a total value of Euro 100.000

1. Prize • Value 6.322,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
1 KLT7-3-BI Hard case kit with 3x DLED7 bicolor LED lights, soft boxes, DP1.1 and accessories 6.322,00 6.322,00 €

2. and 3. Prize • Value each 5.524,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 SLT3-3-BI-M2 Soft case kit including 3x DLED3 focusing bicolor LED light heads, 2x soft boxes, DP1S imager, accessories and micro stands. Separate battery case (3x DS-U95B / 2x dual charger) included. 5.524,00 11.048,00 €

4. and 5. Prize • Value each 4.287,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 SPS5 5-Light kit with soft case DSC2 4.287,00 8.574,00 €

6. and 7. Prize • Value each 4.544,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 BWLED2x1-BI-S 3 Light Kit - BICOLOR AC (STANDARD) - 2x DLED4-BI / 1x FELLONI3-BIHO LED panel with soft box, DP1.1 and accessories, comes with DBPSW backpack with transport wheels 4.544,00 9.088,00 €

8. and 9. Prize • Value each 4.373,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 SPA5DT Panaura 5 daylight/tungsten kit, 1 x 400/575 W, soft case 4.373,00 8.746,00 €

10. and 11. Prize • Value each 4.370,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 S400DT 1 x 400/575 W daylight/tungsten kit, soft case 4.370,00 8.740,00 €

12. and 13. Prize • Value each 3.700,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 DCOLM Multicolor LED panel 3.700,00 7.400,00 €

14., 15. and 16. Prize • Value each 3.168,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
3 K200-1 200W daylight kit with light head, ballast, barn door, light shield ring and hard case. 3.168,00 9.504,00 €

17. and 18. Prize • Value each 2.889,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 SLED10-BI Soft case kit with DLED10-BI bicolor, cable, ballast, ballast holder, light shield ring and barn door. 2.889,00 5.778,00 €

19. and 20. Prize • Value each 2.786,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
2 SRAP3PA3-BI LEDRAPTOR 3 LED soft light, 2x 220W bicolor, with speedring for Panaura 3 dome, stand and transport soft case. 2.786,00 5.572,00 €

21. to 24. Prize • Value each 2.332,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
4 SPS3 3-Light kit with soft case DSC1 2.332,00 9.328,00 €

25. to 30. Prize • Value each 1.671,00 Euro

Menge Kit Beschreibung Preis einzeln Preis gesamt
6 SLED1-BI-B 1 Light DLED Kit - BICOLOR (BASIC) - 1x DLED4-BI with battery power supply, battery and accessories DC only, comes with DSCM soft case. 1.671,00 10.026,00 €


Receiving your Prize

We will send your prize to your distributor, who will forward it to you.


Equipment we will make available via your distributor for shooting your video 
(see also possible tool categories)

If you want to add some extra equipment, you need to discuss this with your distributor, and together with him we will try to make this available (if within the realm of our possibilities and the timeframe for shipping).


Please feel free to add to your contact with clients and schools.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Dedo Weigert

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