All you need is Felloni

3-Light Sets for the smallest budget

(As long as stock lasts!)

  • Refurbished Fellonis
  • Old + new
  • One time special price
  • Limited stock
  • Choose Daylight or bicolor (half output), same price
  • Choose high Output version
  • Order single or 3 light kits
  • Mix as long as we have
  • Order any accessories



One generation before last Felloni 2, complete sets (3 lights each) in a soft carrying bag with an unbelievable low price


Each Set contains: 3 LED Panels, 3 Power Supplies, 3 Power Cords and one Soft Bag.


Felloni 2 und Felloni 3 can be chosen in daylight version or bicolor (bicolor 50% output). 
Same price – mix possible

**refurbished - 6 month warranty!

Felloni2: Standard (3x)

list price: 1.317,00 €

Super Sale Price:
 690,00 €

Felloni2: High Output (3x)

list price: 2.197,00 €

Super Sale Price:
 1.295,00 €

Felloni3: Standard (3x)

list price: 1.395,00 €

Super Sale Price:
 790,00 €

Felloni3: High Output (3x)

list price: 2.295,00 €

Super Sale Price:
 1.290,00 €


Performance data & prices for single units and 3 lights with free soft case

Single unit list price: 439,00 €

Super Sale Price: 230,00 €


3 lights with free softcase:

Super Sale Price: 690,00 €


Single unit list price: 732,00 €

Super Sale Price: 431,00 €


3 lights with free softcase:

Super Sale Price: 1.295,00 €


Single unit list price: 455,00 €

Super Sale Price: 263,00 €


3 lights with free softcase:

Super Sale Price: 790,00 €


Single unit list price: 765,00 €

Super Sale Price: 430,00 €


3 lights with free softcase:

Super Sale Price: 1.290,00 €



Accessories & Cases


TP-LONI-SBX42 - Soft Box

Foldable soft box with front diffuser, 38 x 38 cm (15 x 15“) for very pleasing even and smooth light. Two removable side flags.

List price: 98,00 €

Super Sale Price: 68,00 €

TPSC3-0 - Large Soft Case

Soft case for three Fellonis and two soft boxes, no stands.

List price: 190,00 €

Super Sale Price: 160,00 €


*These special prices are only valid in conjunction with the purchase of complete set


Celebration Super Sale Flyer
in english

Celebration Super Sale III Flyer

Celebration Super Sale Flyer
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Celebration Super Sale III Flyer


All prices on this website in Euro, excluding value added tax. All these prices are “ex warehouse Munich”.

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