Prolycht ORION 300 FS Light Head

The Prolycht Orion 300 FS is a powerful LED spotlight that revolutionizes professional lighting with its incredible full color spectrum output.

The six-channel RGBACL LEDs controlled by Prolycht’s unique Hyperlight color engine guarantee quality of light not achievable with LEDs until now.

The extreme accuracy, combined with the ability to shape and control light in a multitude of ways,offers cinematographers and gaffers remarkable new creative opportunities in a light of this size, power and cost.

Prolycht Thunder Panel Light

Thunder One is by far one of the most versatile soft light panels.

It spreads lights that are brighter, softer and fresher.

It combines new semiconductor technology, innovative color - mixing alogorithms and latest camera and display research achievements.

It's a brand - new weapon you can use for various film and television lighting applications.

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