Lowel lighting equipment is primarily used in professional digital video, and digital photography, as well as film based photographic production.

While we are considered the worldwide standard for location lighting, we also have equipment designed specifically for studio production and video conferencing applications.

Our lights, controls, mounts and kits are designed and built for rugged dependable use, ease of operation & portability. Choosing the right equipment is first a matter of determining your specific technical and aesthetic requirements.




Choose the Lowel LED that best suits your needs.

From compact color mixing, to powerful fresnel focusing, to rugged all weather panel systems.


Lowel PRO™ Power LED

PRO  Power LED

The Lowel PRO™ Power LED is the perfect solution to run & gun location lighting.

Its powerful output, and wide focus range fresnel lens, allow you to light from greater distance, getting more of the location into your shot.

In classic Lowel tradition, it comes with a host of mounting & light control accessories, and is available in a number of kit combinations.



  • Powerful location LED in high quality Daylight orTungsten, dimmable without color shift
  • PRO Power LED's beautiful fresnel output focuseswide & smooth, or tight & punchy
  • Output comparable to 200W tungsten halogen fixture with same focus range & beam angle
  • Flicker-free Slo-mo, to 2350 + fps
  • Powered by AC or Long Life accessory DCBattery, for on-stand or run & gun handheld use
  • Light Controls include: Barndoors, gel frame,softbox, umbrella, & screwthread filters
  • Kit combinations available



Weight (w/barndoors): 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
Voltage: 24 V
Wattage: 22.4 W
Amperage: .7 A
Beam control: Continuously variable
Fits on: 5/8 stand studs, also 1/4-20 Pistol Grip mount
Materials: Primarily aluminum steel, & glass-filled nylon
Dimming Control & Switch: in-unit
Installed LED Lumen information: 2292 lumens (3000K Tungsten Model) 2500 lumens (5000K Daylight Model) both at 700mA drive current (17.6W)


Lowel Prime Location™ LED System

Lowel Prime Location LED System

Lowel's new Prime Location™ is our most rugged LED system yet. Sturdy all metal construction, and an impressive IP-65 weather rating*, not to mention powerful high CRI bicolor, daylight or tungsten color output.

Put a lot of light where you need it, with less concern about the elements.



  • 3 models: BiColor, Daylight or Tungsten color, with powerful output and photo-quality color

  • Manual dimming with no color shift
  • IP-65 rating allows lighting in rain or dust- storms*
  • Rugged heavy-duty housing

  • AC - all models auto-set to 90-240VAC
  • AC - Powercon Bridging cables power multiple units easily

  • DC - also powered by V-Lock, or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plates (user swap- pable)
  • Quiet fanless operation
  • Light Controls include: Barndoor Softening Set, and Honeycomb Grids
  • Legendary Lowel quality



Daylight Model

Color Temperature: 3300°K
Color Rendering Index: 93+
Code: PL-01VTU Tungsten color, V-lock battery plate
Code: PL-01ATU Tungsten color, Gold Mt battery plate
Weight: 10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)

BiColor Model

Color Temperature: Variable 3000°K - 6000°K
Code: PL-01VBC BiColor color, V-lock battery plate
Code: PL-01ABC BiColor color, Gold Mt battery plate
Weight: 10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)

Daylight Model

Color Temperature: 5600°K
Color Rendering Index: 93+
Code: PL-01VDA Daylight color, V-lock battery plate
Code: PL-01ADA Daylight color, Gold Mt battery plate
Weight: 10.5 lbs (4.76 kg)

BiColor Model Controls

BiColor Model Controls


Lowel Blender™

Lowel Blender™

Lowel BlenderTM Brings Intuitive Lighting to Your Location.

2 sets of LED's in Tungsten & Daylight color are quickly & easily blended. Perfectly match the mixed light sources of your real world location, or create a contrasting color blend to make your subject stand out. Let your creative instincts be your guide.

Powered by AC or battery for maximum flexibility.



  • Twin sets of 5000k Daylight and 3000k Tungsten LED's, with rotary dimmer controls for each on the back of the fixture.
  • Blender packs more punch than you've come to expect from compact LED lights.
  • The lamphead's compact size (4 x 3 x 3") makes it small enough to fit on a pistol grip or compact light stand.
  • Powered by AC, Camcorder Battery Sleds, or conventional 12v connections.
  • Supplied with a set of front diffusers for variable softening & diffusing of the blended output


Size: 6.5 x 4.5 x 3.5", (17 x 11 x 9 cm)
Weight less cable: 1.2 lbs. (550 g)
Max. amperage: 1.25 - 3, depending on input voltage
Wattage consumption: 16W
Beam control: Fixed focus LEDs with accessory diffusers to vary quality
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 m) studs and accessories
Materials: primarily aluminum steel, & thermo plastic
Switch: in-head
Patent Pending


Lowel GL-1™ Power LED

Lowel GL-1 Power LED

Hollywood Lighting in the Palm of Your Hand
The Lowel GL-1 Power LED is a powerful, handheld, focusable & dimmable, photo-quality tungsten color light. It was designed as an innovative tool for the Wedding/Event and location portrait still photographer.

With high ISO cameras allowing them to shoot in lower light locations, the GL-1 puts just the right amount of light exactly where they need it. From up close, or at a distance. Its dimming & focusing versatility also makes it popular with architectural time-lapse light painting photographers.



  • Dimmable w/o color shift
  • Fresnel lens
  • Focus Range - 8:1
  • Photo-quality tungsten color
  • Output comparable to 100W tungsten halogen lamp focused at same beam angle
  • 2 ways of dimming:
    Variable trigger Locked dimming wheel
  • Rechargable DC / external AC Power
  • Aprox 1 hr full brightness per full battery charge
  • Quiet diaphragm cooling
  • Tripod mountable
  • Lens accepts 82mm daylight correction filter
  • Available Barndoor Accessory
  • Supplied with auto-set AC adaptor and battery charger


Weight with battery: 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg)
Max. amperage: 2.7A (AC power)
Beam control: Continuously variable
Fits on: 1/4-20 and 3/8" tripod mounts
Materials: Primarily aluminum steel, & glass-filled nylon
Switch: in-unit


Lowel Prime™ LED System

Lowel Prime LED System

Lowel is proud to present a series of LED fixtures, designed to bring studio quality to productions of all types & sizes. Lowel Prime™ LED's are brighter than many similarly sized studio LEDs, with a much wider, more usable 50 degree beam angle. They come in dedicated High CRI daylight or tungsten color models, and are also fully DMX addressable, dimmable & controllable, with a host of available accessories.


  • All models available in Daylight or Tungsten color
  • Color Rendering Index of 91+
  • All models auto-set to AC voltages from 90-250V
  • Low wattage, with power factor ratings of .95
  • Quiet fanless operation
  • Supplied with Hanging Clamp and Female Stand Fitting

Accessories Include:

  • Barn Door Softening Set
  • Honeycomb Grids

Lowel Prime  LED System back


Technical Data

Housing material: Aluminum thickness 0.062" formed / welded.
Finish: Black matte paint.
Mounting options: All units supplied with standard clamp & Safety Cable, and Female Standfitting.

DMX & Control Features

DMX addressing: switchless, intelligent addressing, on unit, channels 1-512
Mode functions: DIMM intensity level

RUN slave DMX control

DMX addressing

SET user control lock
Dimming options: Manual or via DMX



Power, Versatility & Value. A great choice for the New Pro on a budget. Designed & built for rugged dependable use, ease of operation & portability.

Most lighting systems have a wide variety of accessories & location kit combinations available.




Creating beautiful soft key or fill light doesn't have to be strenuous or time consuming. Compact, lightweight, & self-contained, the Rifa eX uses a simple design approach as old as the umbrella to achieve its quick & easy setup and strike capabilities.

Bathe almost anything, from talking heads to table-top stills, in luxurious almost fool-proof soft light. It is the perfect complement to today's compact, light-sensitive, digital cameras & filmstocks. Its ablities are enhanced by the eXchange System accessory lampheads patented bayonet mount, which lets you swap lampheads with a twist of the wrist.

Shooting in daylight? All Rifa eX model's can use our new high CRI daylight fluorescent lamps. Need less light? All 4 models can now go down to 125W AC. No AC current? All 4 can use DC battery power.

  • Dedicated softlight with removable standard tungsten-halogen Rifa eXTM llamphead, centered in collapsible silver aluminized high temperature Nomex® housing.
  • State of the art woven glass fabric front diffuser offers exceptional heat resistance. Front diffuser must always be used.
  • Easy access to pockets on fabric shell allow clip-on gel attachment.




Compact, rugged & versatile, the broad throw Tota-light is a Lowel time honored favorite. It can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame & diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight. With its adjustable reflectors, it can be a smooth & even background light, or point it toward the ceiling to raise the ambient (base) light level of a room. Tota is also widely used for photographic copy work.


Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.

Adjustable reflecting doors can illuminate four walls evenly from a corner or compensate for light fall-off on vertical surfaces lit from above or below.

  • Watts: 750 & 500 at 120v, 800 at 220/240v.
  • 360º constant tension no-yoke tilting. Large, cool knobs.
  • Closes compactly for storage & travel.
  • Never operate with doors closed beyond notched safety stop.
  • Protective front screen must always be used.



Size closed: 2" x 3" x 11" (5 x 7.6 x 27.9 cm)
Weight less cable: 1.3 lbs. (595 g)
with 16' cable: 2.25 lbs ( 1.02 kg)
Max. wattage: 750w at 120v, 800w at 220/240v
Max. amperage: 6.25 at 120v
Beam control: door angle provides verticle beam control
Fits on: studs 5/8" (1.59 cm) or smaller
Materials: primarily aluminum alloy
Cable: 16' (4.88 m) #18/3 wire
Switch: in-line




The wide focusing range of the Omni-light makes it a flexible key or back-light. Add diffusion or an umbrella, and it's a soft fill source. Swap the power cord & lamp and it becomes a battery powered, hand-held light. Available with a host of accessories and built for heavy duty long life, the popular Omni is the perfect companion to the Tota.


Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.

Double parabolic, peened reflector provides non-crossover beam for maximum efficiency and gel life.

  • Watts: 500, 420 & 300 at 120v, 500 & 300 at 220/240v,
    250 at 30v, 100 at 12v.
  • Focus range - 6:1 with #1 reflector & FTK lamp.
  • Quick-change super-spot accessory reflector for exeptionally long throws at all voltages
  • Protective front screen must always be used.



Weight less cable: 1.7 lbs. (771 g)
with 16' cable: 2.6 lbs ( 1.18 kg)
Max. wattage: 500w at 120v and 220/240v
Max. amperage: 8.3 at 30v and 12v
Beam control: continuously variable
Fits on: studs 5/8" (1.59 cm) and smaller
Materials: primarily aluminum alloy
Cable: 12, 120, 220, 240v: 16' #18/3 wire

30v: 5' #18/3 wire
Switch in-line


ViP Pro-light

ViP Pro-light

With its high intensity #2 Reflector & Prismatic Glass, the tiny focusable Pro-light is more efficient than a mini-fresnel of equal wattage.

It gives an exquisite even light, with fresnel-like shadow quality, evenly dispersed flood, and a uniform spot with significant barndoor cut.


Used with today's more light sensitive digital cameras & filmstocks, it's compact size makes it the perfect low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion), or back-light for interviews & other small shooting-areas. In addition to a wide variety of customizing & control accessories, its versatility can be increased by adding a DC adapter cable & swapping its bulb for battery operation. Replace the Prismatic Glass with Clear Safety Glass for a non-focusing super-spot in special use situations.

The Pro-light is also now available in a dedicated CE approved 230v Euro model. Pro-light's AC cable has been updated with an IEC connector.

  • Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.
  • Focus range-5:1 with 200W FVL lamp.
  • Watts: 250 & 125 at 120v,200 at 30v, 100 & 50 at 12v. 230 & 300 at 230v
  • Tilting: 160°, adjustable, constant-tension, one-handed, no-yoke tilting.


Weight Pro-light with:
4' captive cable: 1.3 lbs (590 g)
4' cable & 12' extension cable: 2 lbs (907 g)
Max. wattage: 250
Max. amperage: 8.3
Beam control: continuously variable
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 cm) studs
Materials: primarily aluminum and Ryton
Cable: with extension 16' (4.88 m) #18/3. CE model with #18/2.
Switch: in-head


DP Light

DP Light

The DP is a long time Lowel workhorse. It's a powerful key, backlight or background light. Add an umbrella or diffusion for soft key or fill light, swap to the super-spot reflector for long throws, or customize it with a variety of other accessories. The DP is built for a long multi-use life.

Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.


Peened, parabolic reflector provides non-crossover beam with axial filament orientation for improved shadow pattern and gel life.

  • Watts: 1000, 750, 500 at 120v, 1000, 650, & 500 at 220 &240v.
  • Focus range - 8:1 with #1 reflector & FEL lamp.
  • Quick-change super-spot reflector for exeptionally
    long throws at all voltages.
  • Tilting: 170° no-yoke, constant-tension, one-handed
    tilting from straight up to almost straight down.
  • Large cool knobs.
  • Protective front screen must always be used.


Weight less cable: 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)
with 16' cable: 3.6 lbs. (1.6 kg)
Max. wattage: 1000
Max. amperage: 8.3 at 120v
Beam control: continuously variable
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 cm)studs
Materials: primarily aluminum alloy
Cable: 16' (4.88 m) #16/3
Switch: in-line heavy-duty


i-light & id-light DC Powered

i-light & id-light DC Powered

The focusable, i-light & id-lights are great DC powered location choices. They're very popular with wedding & event shooters.

They use rugged long-life lamps, & the accessories of the Pro-light. They provide essential key or fill light, eye-light, and contrast control in news and documentary shooting, without overwhelming available light.


Choose the dimmable id-light or the non-dimmable i-light, both fitted with a high intensity reflector & Prismatic Glass to give an even flood & uniform spot, and a full range of light control & mounting accessories to bring convenience & dependability to places where AC dares not go.

  • Multi-use, tungsten halogen source.
  • Focus range-5:1 with i-100 lamp.
  • Watts: uses 55 & 100 Watt inexpensive, automobile halogen lamps at 12/14v.
  • i & id-lights fitted with high intensity #2 Reflector and Prismatic Glass for high quality flood and spot, just like Pro-light.
  • Replace Prismatic Glass with Clear Safety Glass for high intensity long throw super spot use.
  • Tilting: 160°, adjustable, constant-tension, one-handed, no-yoke tilting.



i-light with 4' cable: 1.2 lbs (544 g)
id-light with 4' cable: 1.5 lbs (635 g)
Max. wattage: 100
Max. amperage: 8.3
Beam control: continuously variable
Fits on: stands, studs, camera tops, etc.
Materials: primarily aluminum and Ryton
Cable: 4' (1.25 m) #16/2 with cigarette lighter connector CE Model with #18/2 cable
Switch: in-head




A youthful cousin to the Lowel-light, the tiny L-light is an easy to hide accent light, a quick kicker, a discreet backlight or, with diffusion, a subtle fill. With a variety of mounting & accessory options, it's the perfect answer for those situations where a small, versatile light is needed.

  • Uses any standard Edison (med. E-26) screw-in base lamp, including our special screw-threaded MR-16.
  • Watts: Reflector lamps — up to 300 at 120v.
  • Light controls: clip-on barndoors, umbrella, gels and glass accessories.
  • Compatible with: many ViP and Tota accessories. Barndoors can control lamps up to R-20 in size.
  • 2 Mounting options: Stand-link version (shown) mounts on stands, stud clamps, booms, Scissor-mounts, etc.
  • 2 Mounting options: Stand-link version (shown) mounts on stands, stud clamps, booms, Scissor-mounts, etc.
  • Home-plate(TM) version allows attachment to poles, stands, 2 x 4's, etc., plus floors walls & other vertical surfaces with Gaffer-tape.
  • Stores compactly with a lamp and barndoors attached.
  • Newly updated with IEC connector AC Cable.



Weight with:
34" captive cable: 13 oz (368 g)
16' switched cable: 2 lbs. (.9 kg)
Max. wattage: 300
Max. amperage: 2.5
Materials: aluminum, steel and porcelain
Switch on 16' #18/3 cable
Halogen lamps: medium-base (E26)

MR-16 Halogen, & others



From compact tabletop lights to full blown studio systems, Fluorescent offers less heat, longer lamp life, and soft beautiful photo quality color.


Lowel SoftCore™

Lowel SoftCore™

Introducing SoftCore™, a compact light fixture that adds versatility and control to fluorescent softbox lighting setups.

This multi-patented modular system uses the fluorescent lampheads of the Rifa eXchange System to light with up to 5 lamps, using most standard softboxes.


Add our 80 Watt daylight fluorescent lamps for high output with accurate color. Its high frequency ballast is designed for flicker-free hi-res digital still, video, and slow-motion cinema use.

  • 3 easy to swap fluorescent lamphead options, with switches for each lamp.
  • Patented 4 arm hooking system for easier softbox attachment.
  • Arms rotate & adjust for optimum softbox balance and position.
  • Convenient tilt handle for smooth lighting angle adjustments.
  • Allows attachment of a Lowel Pole & Weight for perfect balance on the stand, when using larger front heavy lampheads, lamps, & softboxes.
  • Folds down efficiently for compact kit storage.

Size: 11 x 13", (28 x 33 cm) open

6.5 x 13", (17 x 33 cm) folded
Weight without cable: 3.2 lbs. (1.5 kg)
Max. amperage: 4.5 at 120 volts
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 m) studs and accessories
Materials: primarily aluminum and steel
AC Cable: 16' #18/3 wire; 30v: 5' #18/3 wire
Switch: in-line


Lowel Ego

Lowel Ego

Now anyone can create great looking professional results in their home.

Lowel, the Academy Award winning world leader in location lighting for film & video, introduces a revolutionary tabletop fluorescent Digital Imaging Light, the elegant & easy to use Lowel Ego.


Setup is a breeze, plug it in, place it on the table, & turn it on.

The result is fast, simple, & beautiful light output that's ideal for taking digital tabletop shots by collectors, arts & crafts hobbiests, sellers, archivists, and desktop publishers.

Ego can also be used for DV talking head shots, digital still portraits, and webcam desktop video conferencing.

But that's just the beginning, Ego can be mounted on tripod or boom arm to give increased positioning possibilities when lighting on tabletop or beyond.





LowelScandles is the first multi-tasking fluorescent fixture designed for quick & easy choice of light size, intensity & quality, by quick change of accessories.

Its unique cluster arrangement of lamps make a whole new set of options possible for adding accessories to shape and direct the output.


Updated by Lowel from an original design by noted photographer/ inventor Gary Regester, LowelScandles has many innovative features. Ideal for shooting high-res digital portraits or video talking heads.

For convenient use with a chimera-style softbox, a rotating Universal Speed Ring is permanently installed on fixture. The Speed Ring accepts the following softbox attachments: Plume®, Chimera®, Westcott®, Photoflex®.

  • 200 Watt daylight or tungsten balanced light output from 8 lamps, switched in pairs for easy variable output.
  • Uses either eight 24 Watt (12" length) or eight 18 Watt (8" length) compact fluorescent lamps (mfg. avg. life: 8,000 hrs).
  • 90+CRI lamps available in 5500°K and 3000°K.
  • High efficiency output: 50 lumen/Watt.
  • Auto-setting dual-voltage input (120/230 VAC, 50/60Hz), flicker-free high efficiency internal ballast (39KHz).
  • Installed universal Rotating Softbox Speed Ring.
  • Quick attachment accessories:
    - Collapsible Front Intensifier with Softbox Diffuser (supplied).
    - Special purpose Aluminum Cone Reflector for studio application.



Size: 20 x 10.8 x 12" (50.8 x 26 x 30.5 cm)
Weight without AC cable: 8.5 lbs
Max. wattage: 200
Max. amperage: 2.5A
Beam control: variable with front accessories
Fits on: 5/8" stand studs
Materials: Primarily aluminum alloy
Cable: 16' #18/3 wire, switched
Switches: 4 on fixture

(each controls 1 pair of lamps)


Lowel Fluo-Tec Studio

The World Leader in Location Lighting is also #1 in Studio Fluorescent Light Control. Lowel presents a state of the art line of flicker-free studio fluorescent equipment for professional imaging.

Whether you are producing a 24 hour newscast, a high resolution digital photo shoot, or a corporate video conference, the bright soft output & efficient operation of Lowel Fluo-Tec studio fluorescents make beautiful images easier to create

Lowel Fluo-Tec Studio

The DMX dimmable models are the choice when variable output level is the requirement. They can be dimmed manually at the unit, or remotely using either a DMX console or our unique optional IR handheld remote control system. In manual dimming operation, they allow 4 user-storable dimming levels, which can be helpful if you need to recreate an exact lighting level at a later date, without the use of a console. You can even monitor the lifespan of your installed lamp-set on the unit's built-in LED display.

There are also dedicated Phase Dimmable models, which may be controlled by AC phase dimming systems, and have no manual dimming ability on the unit.

The continuing evolution of compact fluorescent lamp technology has brought improvements in their color rendering abilities. Lamp choices are available in daylight or tungsten color temperatures, for use in either video & digital still imaging or for shooting with film emulsions. They also have an output level approximately 2.5 times that of incandescent (tungsten) lamps of comparable wattage. All recommended lamps have a manufacturers rated life of approximately 8,000 hours.


  • 5 Dimmable (via internal DMX or manually) or Phase Dimmable models, housing from 2 - 8 lamps. 
  • DMX Dimmable models controlled by DMX Console, accessory IR DMX Controller, or manually on the fixtures.
  • Phase Dimmable models controlled by any AC powered phase dimming system.
  • ETL/CSA or CE approved with state of the art electronics.
  • Full range of accessories.
  • Well made & dependable.
  • Backed by Lowel's warranty & legendary 40 year reputation for service.


Mounting options: All units supplied with standard clamp & Safety Cables (3).

Optional Female Stand-fitting, and Double Male Stud available.
Dimmer: Digital control from 0 to 100% light output
Dimming control: Manual or DMX-512/1990 built-in; IR optional.
LED display: 4 digit digital display.
Nominal input voltage: 120 VAC 50/60Hz
Ballast: Integral, electronic ballast
Dimmable model ballast operating frequency: 40-60KHz
Dimmable model power factor: >97


E-Studio 2, 4 & 6

3 non-dimmable models housing 2, 4, or 6 long life 55w fluorescent lamps. The economical choice for strong, soft fluorescent light in daylight or tungsten color temperatures, with long lamp life & reduced heat buildup.

The e-studio system is ideal for...

  • Video-conference Rooms
  • In-house A.V. Departments
  • School TV Studios
  • Cable TV Public Access Studios
  • Web Casting Sets

Lowel E-Studio 2, 4 & 6


Lowel e-studio2

Size: 25 x 9.2 x 5 " (64 x 23 x 13 cm)
Weight: 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg) without mount or accessories.

Both ETL & CE fixtures auto-set to voltage supplied. For 220/240V CE model, add E to the code. Contact us for appropriate AC Cable. Uses 2 compact 55w lamps (not included). Includes Safety Cables (3)

Lowel e-studio4

Size: 25 x 14.3 x 5" (64 x 36 x 13 cm)
Weight: 10.4 lbs (4.7 kg) without mount or accessories.

Both ETL & CE fixtures auto-set to voltage supplied. For 220/240V CE model, add E to the code. Contact us for appropriate AC Cable. Uses 4 compact 55w lamps (not included). Includes Safety Cables (3).


Lowel e-studio6

Size: 25 x 19.5 x 5" (64 x 49 x 13 cm)
Weight: 14 lbs (6.4 kg) without mount or accessories.

Both ETL & CE fixtures auto-set to voltage supplied. For 220/240V CE model, add E to the code. Contact us for appropriate AC Cable. Uses 6 compact 55w lamps (not included). Includes Safety Cables (3).

Versatile Mounting

Innovative mounting plate with integral 5/8" female stand fitting for conventional mounting with generous rotating & angling abilities.

Also available: 2 mounting options; stand-mount, or with C-clamp hanging tilt-bracket for overhead studio rig installation, with the same rotation & tilt positioning options.

Lowel e-studio - Versatile Mounting


Caselite2 & Caselite4

Lowel Caselite2 & Caselite4

The Case IS the Light!

For the pro on the go, the all-in-one Caselites offer your choice of daylight or tungsten color in a compact, easy to carry fluorescent package.


The current popularity of fluorescent lights in film & video production is well deserved. They offer cool, soft and efficient light at several times the output of incandescent halogen sources. Unfortunately, they can also be too cumbersome and fragile to use on location, often requiring several cases to carry lights and accessories. The Caselites solve that problem by being compact, lightweight, rugged and completely self-contained without sacrificing output or light quality.

The all-in-one Caselite is both light & case combined. Pop the lid and there's room inside for stand-fitting tilt-bracket & plate, plus power cord, stand, or spare bulbs.

  • 2 Efficient models: 2 x 55w & 4 x 55w tube fixtures.
  • 120/230v operation
  • Case lid: holds spare lamps or stand, plus egg crate, mounting plate, stand tilt-bracket, power cord.
  • Internal ballast means quicker setup time.
  • Efficient reflector & ballast design allows maximum light output.
  • Daylight or Tungsten: uses 5300°K or 3000°K compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Individual lamp switches: to control output intensity without dimming.
  • Supplied light controls include: quick release egg crate grid, mounted gel clips, dual purpose barndoor/intensifiers.
  • Rugged lightweight stackable case made of heavy duty ABS plastic.
  • Updated tilt-bracket for easy stand mounting & versatile lamp positioning.
  • Ideal for TV news crews & documentary video production.



Weight Fixture alone: 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg)
Fixture with lamps, Egg Crate, Intensifiers, Plate & Stand-Fitting Bracket AC Cable: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Fixture with above, plus lid: 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
Amperage: 1.3 at 120v, .7 at 230v
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 cm) stud
Materials: High impact ABS and aluminum
Cable: removable 16' (4.88 m) #18/3 with switch
Switch: 1 in-line and 1 recessed lamp switch on back


Weight Fixture alone: 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)
Fixture with lamps, Egg Crate, Intensifiers, Plate & Stand-Fitting Bracket AC Cable: 14.2 lbs (6.4 kg)
Fixture with above, plus lid: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
Amperage: 2.6 at 120v, 1.4 at 230v
Fits on: 5/8" (1.59 cm) stud
Materials: High impact ABS and aluminum
Cable: removable 16' (4.88 m) #18/3 with switch
Switch: 1 in-line and 1 recessed lamp switch on back


Lowel Trio

Lowel Trio

Got a small studio that you need to occasionally pack up & take on the road? Lowel's new TRIOTM 3 lamp fluorescent fixture folds down slim, & carries easily.

As comfortable in the studio as it is on location, TRIOTM delivers a beautiful soft source of high CRI daylight or tungsten color. Its 3 lamps are individually switched, to control light output.


Designed with Lowel's legendary attention to detail, TRIO's mounting system keeps the light balanced over the stand while allowing a full range of tilting positions.

  • Auto voltage setting ballast, from 120 - 240v.
  • Use high CRI daylight or tungsten compact 55w lamps for accurate color matching with other other light sources.
  • AIndividual lamp switching for variable output control.
  • Quick release dual purpose barndoor / intensifiers.
  • Quick release locking plate & tilt-bracket that mounts the fixture to stand or boom and provides a generous tilting & rotating range.
  • Easy to install egg crate for trimming spill.


Size: 26 x 9.5 x 3.25" (66 x 24 x 8.3 cm)
Weight without AC cable: 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
Max. wattage: 55 W x 3 lamps
Max. amperage: 2A @ 120v, 1A @230V, both at 50/60Hz
Beam control: variable with front accessories
Fits on: 5/8" stand studs
Materials: Primarily aluminum alloy & plastic
Cable: 16' #18/3 wire, switched
Switches: 3 on fixture (each controls 1 lamp)

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