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Tokina Cinema ATX 16-28 mm EF

T.3 Wideangle Zoom Lens


Tokina Cinema ATX 16-28 mm T3 Wideangle Zoom Lens

The 16 - 28 mm has a 56 mm largediameter aspherical element in addition to
two more molded-glass aspherical elements within the lens, and three elements of SD (Super - Low Dispersion) glass installed in the rear optical groups.

Optical design and use of special materials yields high 4K lens con struction and control of both spherical and chromatic aberration.

LDS (Lens Data System) support is possible. Durable, all-metal cine - style housing with geared manual zoom, focus and aperture rings for use in follow-focus systems.

Common 114 mm front diameter for use with a wide variety of matt boxes and accessories.

Smooth de-clicked curved 9 bladed iris.

Zoom, focus, and iris marking are on both sides of the lens for easy viewing and more mounting / follow - focus options.

Mounts to Pl, Canon EF, Sony E - Mount

Sony E, PL, Canon EF

Focal Distance:
16 – 28mm

Zoom Ratio:

Optical Structure:    
13 groups /15 elements

Sensor Size:    
Full Frame 35mm

Minimum Focus Distance:     
0.28m (0.92 ft)

Maximum Macro Magnification:     

Zoom Mode:     
Rotary Zoom

Aperture/Iris Blades:

Depth of Field:    
T3.0 – T22 (F2.8 – F22)

Filter Size:
112 mm

Overall Length:    

Sony E mount:
166.2mm (from 161mm mount surface)

PL Mount:
144mm (from 127mm mount surface)

Canon EF Mount:
140.5mm (from 135mm mount surface)

Diameter of Front Head:

Maximum Diameter: