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Swedish Chameleon Rigs for Photographers

This is the full configuration of the Swedish Chameleon rig, the obvious choice for production companies and freelance filmmakers.
• Converts any HDSLR or box-style camcorder to a comfortable and solid shoulder mount
• Takes all weight of your arms by a back rod and waist belt so that you can focus on focusing
   instead of carrying.
• Comes with our popular timingbelt driven double wheel Follow Focus the SC3:FFOCUS.
• The head and shoulder plate has three rod clamps for standard 15mm rods. Two clamps for
   the iris rods and one perpendicular clamp for the SC3:Xtension Kit or other mounting needs.
• The distance between iris rods and lens can easily be adjusted.
• The quick release adapter takes standard manfrotto plates (501 PL included) and can be
   rotated for HDSLR or camcorder use.
• The shoulder plate is made of super strong 7075 aluminium and has an angled neoprene
   dressed foam pad that eases out heavy loads and straightens the shoulder plate /
   camera alignment.

The SC3:LargeZoom
Comes with dual SC3:FFocus.
One for focusing and one for zooming.

The SC3:LargeExtension
Comes with an SC3:Xtension-Kit.
Enables low camera mount etc.