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Rosco LitePad HO+

New LitePads

- LitePad HO+
- LitePad Axiom
- LitePad DL

New Kits
- Pro Gafferʼs Kit AX
- Quick Kit AX
- Digital Shooters Kit AX
- Still Photo Kit AX
- HO+ Everywhere Lighting Kit

New Accessories
- Right Angle 10ʼ Ext Cable
- Axiom 1/4-20 Bracket
- Axiom Baby Pin Bracket
- Axiom 5/8th Receive Bracket
- Axiom Wall Plate Bracket
- Axiom Battery Holder Attachment
- LitePad Light Stand
- Snake Arm
- Swivel Arm
- Cold Shoe Attachment
- Medium Spot Lens
- Full Spot Lens
- 24”x24” LitePad Carrying Case
- Cord Tie

- LitePad Axiom, HO+ and DL

Technical Data
- LitePad HO+
- LitePad Axiom


The current LitePad HO is discontinued and being replaced by LitePad HO+.
There are two key differences between LitePad HO and LitePad HO+.

The first is the inside connector. There is no wire exiting the LitePad, only a connector
located inside the LitePad. A transformer or extension cable can be plugged directly
into the LitePad.

The second difference can be found in the smaller sizes. LitePad HO+ 3”x6”, 3”x12”, 6”x6”, 6”x12” now all have LEDs on all our sides. A 6”x6” LitePad HO only had LEDs on 2
sides. Now, with LitePad HO+, the 6”x6” has LEDs on all four sides - double the previous amount. This will ncrease the brightness of all smaller units.

LitePad HO+ is also now available in a tungsten version.
All sizes of LitePad HO+ are now available in both Daylight (5800ºK) and Tungsten (3800ºK).

In The Box

LitePad HO+
Right Angle Extension Cable