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kedo: single source multi-colour light

kedo™ represents a revolutionary advance in lighting technology, as the world's first colour adjustable, focusable, single source multi-colour light.

Powered by Gekko's kleer colour™ light engine, kedo™ uses a multi-channel, high efficacy LED array which can be tuned locally and remotely by DMX to produce millions of different colours and critically, a range of high quality whites.

In 2005 Gekko saw the need for a high quality, consistent, focusable luminaire powered

by an LED source. The concept was readily embraced. Setting a pure white light, formulated for image capture as the principal target, the Gekko team resolved to produce a source of sufficient quality for the most critical of cinematographers and lighting designers.

With the first technical goal determined, the team worked long and hard for over three years, formulating a colour space which matched the requirements of photographic emulsion and electronic chip sets.

kleer colour™ gives lighting directors and cameramen unprecedented control of colour temperature and illumination level. Unlike multi-source RGB colour-mix devices, kleer colour™ delivers a broad spectrum of light that can be adjusted to match a vast array of hues across the visible range. Self-monitoring sensors are paramount to ensure stable colour across a range of output levels and as well as correcting changes in performance caused by ambient temperature and component ageing.

In addition to its unsurpassed creative versatility, kleer colour™ engines deliver far higher colour rendering than any other lighting technology powered by discontinuous sources, across all operating temperatures and illumination levels and are designed specifically for the needs of image capture."

LED light sources offer numerous benefits over conventional light sources, including very high optical efficiency and negligible projected heat. The kedo™ delivers these benefits  along with the ability to match virtually any colour required to illuminate a specific scene.

In addition to primary and intermediate colours, kedo™ can precisely emulate a high quality tungsten reference source. It can be switched quickly and easily to produce 2900K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K as well as a wide range of virtual colour gels. The conceptualisation, design and production of kedo™, is a Gekko led collaboration of some of the foremost designers and specifiers in the field of luminaire construction.


Unparalleled technical ability and characteristics include:

-          Awesome colour quality and accuracy, optimised at 3200k and 5600k in comparison to an extremely high quality reference source.

-          Highly stable colour throughout dimming.

-          Huge colour range, with the ability to produce literally millions of colours from kedo’s multi channel array.

-          Consistent colour quality from lamp to lamp, with tight calibration and sophisticated closed loop feedback.

-          Dedicated user interface for intuitive on board dimming and DMX control.

-          Extended LED life in excess of 25,000 hours burn time.

-          Reduced power consumption, and lower heat emissions.

-          Passively cooled, with silent operation.

-          A product of quality synonymous with the Gekko brand.


Gekko’s kleer colour light engine and control software is the subject of a range of GB, EU,

US and international patent applications.